woman gets revenge on ex by becoming a better poet than him

Woman Gets Ironic Revenge on Poet Ex by Publishing More Successful Poetry

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rules pictures FAIL ironic cakes instructions lol irony funny win - 8141573

14 Times People Followed Rules Way Too Well

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pics chicken FAIL interesting try facebook attempt King of the hill social media dumb coincidence irony funny - 6859013

15 Honest Attempts That Were Derailed By Failure

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No You're Not

irony school spelling your friends are laughing at you - 4606320640
By Unknown
list books tweet irony - 1069829

When the Irony of Your Kid's Permission Slip is This Obvious, You've Got to Attach a Note Like This Dad

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Post Office FAIL

irony tax dollars at work usps - 5706096896
By Muki

How You've Changed Deer Sister

FAIL facebook vegan irony animals - 8750576640
By Unknown

Restocking Those are Going to Be a Real Game of Ketchup

funny fail image punny disaster headline
Via Fyeahvoldemort

The Perfect Way to Cancel a Psychic Event is With a Good Dose Irony

funny fail image psychic event canceled with a touch of irony
Via @mansfieldtownfc

Parking at the Eye Doctors Has Its Challenges

funny fail image parking signs at eye doctor all bent backwards
Via jim_diesel6

Notice He Didn't Say "My" and "I'm"

facepalm grammar irony school - 5155398912
By Kora Stark

Oh, the Irony!

noahs ark them park destroyed ironic flood
Via browncardigan
millennials irony Video - 79733505

Millennial Posts a Viral Anti-Millennial Video to Facebook That Gets Millions of Views, Does Not Realize the Irony

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instagram irony weed Video police - 198919

The Uncomfortable Irony of Your Personal License Plate Choices

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news FAIL live tv irony Video - 78962945

Here's a Streak of Irony For Your Live News Report

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Ironically, Elsa Has No Chill

funny fail image Ironically, Elsa Has No Chill
Via HalpTheFan
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