A collection of tweets about how Irish people are totally ruthless when it comes to fashion.

Irish People Are Ruthless Fashion Critics (21 Tweets)

They're heartless.
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mom wants Irish baby name and her mother doesn't like it

Woman Wants Uncommon Baby Name, Mom Not Having It

There are worse names, right?
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funny man records himself to play at his funeral

Irish Man Leaves Funny Recording For His Own Funeral

That's how to go out in style.
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drinking irish Ireland ridiculous funny Video pubs culture - 101044225

Irish 6-Year-Old Insists On Going To The Pub

She manages to make one very compelling argument.
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storm news danger weather irish surprise lol ridiculous funny - 98786049

Irish Weather Lady's Storm Prank Has Her Getting "Struck By Lightning" On Air

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stephen colbert trolling donald trump irish funny Video politics - 85761025

Watch Stephen Colbert Read Off Some More of Donald Trump's Favorite 'Irish Proverbs'

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americana thanksgiving irish food Video - 83754753

Watch as Irish People Taste Thanksgiving Food and are Willing to Feast With Us

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bride groom revenge embarrassing wedding cheating story Video irish - 295943

Listen to This Tale of a Betrayed-Groom's Savage Retaliation on His Cheating Bride

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irish parenting Video flip win - 293127

Nothing Cooler Than Having a Grandma That Can Out Do Your Own Trick Shot

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dancing facebook irish toddler parenting Video - 288263

This Adorable Toddler Trying to Keep Up With an Irish Step Dancer is A Lot of Us at the Club

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One Irish Bar's Solution to Bathroom Graffiti is Equal Parts Clever and Fun

win image irish bar solves bathroom graffiti solution with child's toy
Via Salt House
furniture FAIL drunk irish ikea Video - 82409217

Building Ikea Furniture is Hard Enough, Now Watch the Struggle of Trying it Drunk

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sports irish Ireland chill food reaction Video olympics - 262407

These Irish Olympic Rowers Are Chill AF About Making the Finals and Just Want to Eat Steak For Every Meal

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Porridge Is Life

failbook irish facebook - 8815539712
Via irishtimes

At Least He's 1/2 Irish

failbook irish facebook - 8798203136
Via ohmygodfacts
dating irish Video prom - 79812865

Irish People Watch Prom Proposals for the First Time, and Their Reactions Are Golden

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