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Autocorrect Turned Apple's New iPad Demo Into a Parade of Errors

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The Newest iOS Can Try to Predict What You're About to Type, so Here it is Writing a Song

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The Old Flip Phone Really Can't be Beat

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Via LOLNein
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iPhone 6 Users Are Complaining About Their Hair Getting Caught in the New Phone, but is #Hairgate Even Real?

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Never Has an Ad Been More Apt

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Via Ozimoto

How to Make Good Use of That Bent iPhone 6

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Via A Zillion Dollars Comics
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The Old Nokia 3310 Does Not Give a Care About Your Bend Test

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This Isn't a Real Samsung Ad... Yet

apple advertisement fake iphone failbook g rated - 8329463296
Via GhostwritaMusic
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We're All Just Rigid With Excitement Over Samsung's Response to the Bend-tastic iPhone 6

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#BendGate Gets its Own Pun-tastic Thread

broken iphone puns whoops failbook g rated - 8328426496
Created by Afropuff9805
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iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 3, Whatever. Can We Just Figure Out if They Blend or Not?

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The New iPhone Doesn't Take Force Very Well, but it's Actually Pretty Alright After Taking a Skydiving Trip

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How Many People Are Going to Fall for This Fake iPhone "Bend" Ad?

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We Can Start Rebranding the New Bendy iPhone 6 Now

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Via IBleedorange

Who Are We Kidding, It's Basically the Same

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Via Acid Cow
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The New iPhone is Cool and All, But What if We Froze it and Shattered it Like the T-1000?

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