The Case Broke the First Time I Dropped It...

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Created by Olle Johansson
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Phones: They're Only For Bathroom Breaks

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Much More Accurate

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Created by NXT45

Apple is Cat-Friendly

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Created by Unknown

Excellent Customer Service

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Created by Poppermeme

This is Probably Not Supported By Apple

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Created by themna

Do These Shoes Come in Gold?

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Texting Will Never Look the Same Again

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Four Reasons iOS 7 is the New Android

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Disabled For Your Protection

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Created by seajay3

Kids These Days!

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Apple is Insistent About Its Capitalization

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iPhone Rocket Amp

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Created by joet409 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Technology Overkill

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Created by Unknown
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John McCain Gets Caught Playing iPhone Poker During a Hearing, and His Face Says it All

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Wait, Is That a Beer WIth a Camera in It?

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