intrusive thoughts


Supportive Tumblr Thread On Dealing With Invasive Thoughts

Assigning silly identities and voices to those various thought streams that might pop up as invasive, and with a dark tone around them, can be helpful in riding out the process back toward peace. If you're able to step outside the thought when it pops up, recognize it as that, and not identify with the thought, it can almost end up being a game of sorts. Is the conspiracy theorist with the panicked strain piping up again from the back corridors of your mind? Maybe. 

Tumblr thread provides advice on dealing with intrusive thoughts | bulbubsaur Pretend ur invasive self hating thoughts r being said u by 13 y/o boy on xbox live trying get rise out like girlfriend dumped because ugly s nice tim isn't past ur bedtime autistictesla also, if have intrusive violent thoughts, pretend they're being said u by an annoying backseat driver "drive into pole" thanks karen or could not do
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