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A Filing Cabinet Worth of Memes to Send to Your Toxic Boss

A Filing Cabinet Worth of Memes to Send to Your Toxic Boss

Why quit with a bang, when you can quit with some solid memes?
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10 TV Shows That Aren’t Nearly As Smart As Fans Think They Are

"Rick and Morty" fans love to talk about how smart you have to be to understand the show.
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Internet Supports Husband Telling His Wife She Should Get a Nose Job

The most surprising outcome of the week.
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Couple Arguing Over What "Killer Clown Book" Girlfriend is Confusing with ‘It’ Has Their World Rocked When the Author of That Book Turns Up and Solves the Mystery

The internet is a smaller place than you might think.
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Enjoy This Colossal Collection of "Master Troll" Ken M's Finest Work to Get You Through the Weekend

A legend in our hearts and minds.
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Girl Dances To Hydraulic Press Videos, Internet Peaks

Time to shut down the internet now.
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