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Online Debate Erupts Over Absurd Package Delivery Failure

Is this a failure or a success story?
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Internet Bewildered Over "Metric Minutes" Listed on Viral Oatmeal Label

Internet users are bewildered over this oatmeal cooking label that was posted to Reddit on the r/mildlyinteresting subreddit. Reddit, the popular social news aggregation site, offers various subsections where different types of content and topics can be posted and discussed amongst users. Through “upvoting” or “downvoting” a post, the users can contribute to the overall rating of content which determines how posts appear on the feed. If a post garners a high number, or percentage, of upvotes wi…
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strange interesting and weird photos from the internet

Strange Moments Of Internet Weirdness To Ponder

Context is key, and this is a broken piano.
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A humorous Tumblr post about the different kinds of language prevalent throughout Lord of the Rings. | Legolas pretty quickly gets habit venting about his travelling companions Elvish, so long as Gandalf Aragorn aren't earshot they'll never know right? Then about week into their journey like Legolas Elvish approximately 20th time* ugh hobbits, so annoying Frodo also Elvish, deadpan* yeah worst Legolas:

Tumblr Users Overanalyze Elvish Dialects In Lord Of The Rings

What a beautiful post.
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features of pre-internet society that were nice

Things That Were Nice About Pre-Internet Times

Ye olden days had a certain charm.
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Weird Internet Stuff To Peruse, Amuse and Confuse

Thanks, internet.
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tumblr thread explains stupid chicken sandwich reddit drama

Tumblr Explains Burgergate, The Most Unnecessary Chicken Sandwich Drama

The internet is stupid.
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wholesome tech support story helps woman who didn't have TV box installed for over a year

Wholesome Tech Support Helps Lady Who's Been Brushed Off For A Full Year

Doing the lord's work.
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Internet service provider proven wrong when they try to access a rural customer

Internet Company Refuses To Cancel Service, Rural Customer Proves Them Wrong

Good old internet service providers. What won't they try?
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old people trying and failing to use social media

Old People Who Struggled To Master Social Media

It's a process.
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strange, funny and wtf cursed images

Strange and Cursed Images of Internet Weirdness

Uh, thanks?
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satisfying times liars got called out

Liars Getting Triumphantly Called On Their Ridiculous BS

Why do they even bother?
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Great names people gave their wifi | posted by DoctorDirector weren't supposed have personal wifi our dorms college, so made name "DIRECT-BHB-HP Office jet 5234" and everyone just assumed just printer like rest would pop up

Terrific WiFi Names People Encountered

People are way too good at this.
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failed attempts and memes | warning sign showing an adult holding a child above a security rail. Well, there's no circle thingy with slash through so guess it's okay. Pure chemistry awesome tried telling chemistry joke once, but got no reaction Haha what's joke May be might understand

Attempts That Got Caught Up In the Net of Failure

People keep trying and they keep failing.
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girlfriend wants boyfriend to pay off debt | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/JFThrowaway3312 18 hours ago AITA laughing at my girlfriend her suggestion pay off her loan Not hole Throwaway obvious reasons 32) and my girlfriend(29) are living together year and going out two make about 1.5 times amount she makes and split all our bills including rent 60-40. She has huge student loan low six digits. So here's incident. Yesterday, she came up and asked why not helping pay off her student loan. asked her

Entitled Girlfriend asks Boyfriend to Pay Her Substantial Debt

Dating for two years you say?
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Woman asks people on Reddit if she was wrong for saying baby's name will lead to bullying | AITA criticizing my cousin's baby name? Not hole Hi 21F) have married cousin Cass 30F) who has always been sort holier-than-thou our family just because she is oldest, rather successful and first settle down. She is pregnant with her first child son, and has announced name. Both are family names, and middle actually is after our grandfather name would be perfectly fine if wasn't surname initials name is

Woman Says Baby's Name Will Lead To Bullying

Don't doom the poor kid.
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