A couple big-wigs vastly underestimate the Canadian Geese, and then they learn to never do so again.

Big-Wigs Underestimate Demonic Canadian Geese, Learn To Never Do So Again

Canadian geese don't mess around.
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nature crazy surprising seal awesome intense Video - 107135489

Giant Elephant Seals Engage In Passionate Duel

The world's biggest thumb war.
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crazy construction dangerous intense Video - 107091457

Two Construction Workers Narrowly Escape Death

Close call there, buds.
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scary fishing dangerous intense Video - 106817793

Fishing Trawler Gets Thrown Around By Crazy Rough Seas

Love how the birds are straight up chilling.
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nature crocodile scary surprising intense Video - 106765313

Man Feeds Massive Wild River Croc Like It's His Pet

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nature scary Tsunami greenland ocean dangerous intense Video - 106714369

Fishermen Flee Terrifying Tsunami In Greenland

Fortunately they were able to get away just in time.
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crazy surprising technology robots ridiculous intense - 106594049

Battlebots Is A Ruthless Spectacle

They're not messing around.
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POV of participant in an extreme sports biking competition race

POV Of IOMTT Race, The Deadliest Race In The World

That's a hard nope.
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iguana lizard chased by snakes scary nature video

Iguana Chase By Killer Snakes

Snakes weren't ready for the legs.
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what it looks like inside a ship cabin during a storm rocking turbulence

Video Portrays Life On Ship When Boat Rocks

Looks a tad bit uncomfortable.
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Helicopter drone close call collision

Helicopter Almost Collides With Drone Off Hollywood

Completely ridiculous.
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pilots celebrating flying plane recovery

Boeing Test Pilots Celebrate A Harrowing Recovery

No thank you.
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cool tornado video from up close storm chasing

Extreme Up-Close Video Of Tornado

Up close and personal.
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otter escapes orca by jumping on boat

Otter Escapes Orca With Mere Seconds To Spare

Too close for comfort.
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A quick and informative Tumblr post on how to escape from a coffin | laufie escape after being buried alive coffin could happen anyone. People bury person alive scare them or get rid them this situation, rely only on yourself. 1. Do not waste oxygen classic coffin there's only enough oxygen about an hour, maybe two. Inhale deeply, exhale very slowly. Once inhaled do not swallow, or will start hyperventilate. Do not light up lighters or matches, they will waste oxygen. Using flashlight is allowed

Tumblr Post: Escaping From A Coffin If Buried Alive

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Man gets investigated by the FBI for doing his job | r/tifu JOIN u/nothintooseahear 4d TIFU by being investigated by FBI doing my job This happened about decade ago, and l'm finally comfortable sharing this anonymously public.

Man Investigated By FBI For Doing His Job

What a scare.
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