funny unique rare insults

25 Rare Insults That Brutalized People In The Most Specific of Ways

That's descriptive.
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funny clean insults

People Share Their Spiciest Clean Insults

Still hurts.
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funny rare insults and slams

Rare Insults That Cut Straight To The Bone

People are really good at this.
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twitter brands wendys lol roast insults fast food - 16204549

Wendy's Twitter Goes On The Attack, Roasts Everyone For National Roast Day

As everyone knows by now, Wendy's is the be-all-end-all for Twitter brutality masquerading itself as a fast food company. But let's get down to brass tacks, this is just a weird form of advertising. It doesn't really make us want to eat square burgers and finger chili, but man, the replies are gold tier. It's a hard phenomenon to place. It feels weird and gross to watch sporting goods stores and food brands use word mercenaries to compete for attention, but at the same time, it's absolutely sur…
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A collection of funny, highly entertaining rare insults.

Rare Insults That Dunked People In A Hot Bath Of Fiery Words

The right creative insult can absolutely waste someone.
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Karen blames burnt pie on marie callenders and gets roasted by comments

Karen Burns Her Own Pie, Blames Marie Callender's, Gets Dogpiled In The Comments

Well, Sharon, but still.
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A collection of rare insults that left their mark on their recipients.

Rare And Extra Spicy Insults That Hit Different

Ah, some good old rare insults.
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funny insults people said about themselves

25 Decimating Burns That People Hit Themselves With

One could call it humility, sort of.
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A collection of rare insults from people that aren't messing around.

20 Rare Insults That Roasted And Toasted People

Roasted to a crisp.
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A collection of absolutely brutal insults that people used without relying on swear words.

Ruthless Insults That Didn't Require Profanity

Oh boy, these are great.
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A collection of rare and inventive insults that shattered people's egos into smithereens.

Rare And Inventive Insults That Delivered People Their Demise

Love us some good old fashioned rare insults.
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A collection of rare insults that squashed people's egos online.

18 Rare Insults That Squashed People's Bulbous Egos

The rare insult is its own kind of art form.
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A Tumblr post provides a crash course on extra spicy Irish insults.

A Quick Crash Course On Scorching Irish Insults

Zero punches were pulled on these insults.
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funny times people roasted themselves with insults

Devastating Times People Destroyed Themselves With Self-Roasts

Let the self-deprecation commence!
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A collection of rare insults that were creative and brutal | told kids they're not allowed call each other "stupid" anymore. So Eddie just told Max he looks like walking talking booger without dental plan mean, at least 's making them more creative guess.

Rare Insults That Bruised People's Egos

The internet is always ready to humble someone.
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A collection of rare insults that deserve extra points for being so clever | He looks like if Justin Bieber morphed into Slenderman and made better songs Vitas | Listening Kanye is like sorting by “new" on shower thoughts subreddit

Rare Insults That Creatively Dismantled Their Foes

These rare insults deserve some gold stars.
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