funny design failures of packaging, installation and construction | QUESO TILSIT NATURAL slices of cheese imprinted with green ink logos | BUSZKA Funeral Home Inc. Commitment Curing Disney font

Weird and Self-Defeating Failures of Design

They could have used a second opinion.
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funny "not my job" failure moments | billboard SAVE UP 150 The Discounters ON SELECT SETS 4 WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS | terribly failed reconstruction attempt on a Spanish statue

"Not My Job" Moments of Questionable Professionalism

Consider that job "finished."
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funny "not my job" moments

Impressive "Not My Job" Moments From Masters Of Negligence

True champions of not giving a rip.
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funny not my job moments

"Not My Job" Moments Of Workplace Incompetence

Perfectly excuted.
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funny fails relating to construction and installation

25 Incompetent Moments of "Unique" Construction and Installation

She's nonstandard, but she gets the job done.
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bad construction, stupid installation and DIY fails

"Not my Job" Moments of Less-Than-Professionalism

Great, uh, job.
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stupid and funny construction fails | standing electric light going through roof tiles | faucet and sink installed sideways inside a hole carved in a tiled wall

Weird, Bad and Dumb Building Decisions

Planning is for cowards.
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funny and dumb design failures | half a toilet stuck in a wall | two swings that if you used both you'd bump into each other

Design Failures That Could Use Some Rethinking

Ah, a half bathroom.
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Light Installation WIN

art sculpture light installation - 7312163584
By Unknown


sink wrong way faucet installation g rated there I fixed it - 7135840256
By Unknown
hypnotizing art installation clock - 48247553

This Clock Installation is Hypnotizing

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Easy Installation Done Even Easier

keyring installation - 6941186048
By TheRedSeven

1337 ADSL Installation

modem router installation - 6842516736
By Ignacio

Thread Art WIN

thread sculpture installation - 6749368064
Via Laughing Squid
Video art rain installation - 43034369

Rain Room WIN

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creepy installation nope projection scary spiders Video - 42488577

WIN!: Scaring You to Death WIN

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