A funny Tumblr post about the behavioral science behind ants' process for treating their dead.

Tumblr Thread: Ants And Their Fascinating Little Funeral Ritual

This should be included in the sequel to "A Bug's Life"
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insects mother nature ftw awesome life hacks mother nature ants Video - 107469313

Man Provides Life Hack On Ridding Yard Of Ants With Mother Nature

Pretty neat.
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spiders insects surprising FAIL ridiculous reaction funny - 107228417

Woman Walks Into Spider's Web, Spider Comes Out Victorious

Yeah, that's enough outside for the day.
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cool insects cheesecake interesting ants Video - 107217921

Time Lapse Video Of Ants Eating Cheesecake Is Immensely Satisfying

Ants are rad.
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spiders insects scary surprising australia ridiculous Video - 107191553

Giant Huntsman Spider Appears, Passengers Lose It

Yeah, I'm out dawg.
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insects surprising sports baseball ridiculous MLB funny - 2573830

Victor Robles Plays MLB Game With Praying Mantis Chilling On His Head

Please, please be real.
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humor insects bugs news ridiculous live tv funny Video - 107148545

News Reporter Accidentally Swallows Bug On Live TV, Loses It

Hey man, extra protein.
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A scorpion escapes its tank, and then a panicked hunt around the house ensues.

Scorpion Escapes Tank, Panicked Hunt Ensues

That could've gone a lot worse.
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spiders insects bugs creepy ridiculous Video - 106870529

Woman Documents 4 Day Battle With Huge Huntsman Spider

She's too chill about it.
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A clueless Tumblr user thinks that honey is made from squashed up bees | fallout-new-vegas-2010 Follow vegans make peace with honey no shut up do fallout-new-vegas-2010 Follow Vegans be like can't take product bee's labor" and then eat child slave quinoa atomicwinterwonderland vegans will pretend not hear natives tell them their agave products are unsustainable because they have whimsical feelings about, and cannot stress this enough freedom hive insects

Tumblr User Thinks Honey's Made From Bees

But not the right way.
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Girl accidentally unleashes an army of spiders at her friend's house | r/tifu u/princessmegnu 19h Join 1 1 TIFU by bringing bag spiders my friends house and unleashing them M So, my friend begin with isn't big fan spiders. She constantly cleans her house them. She's not got phobia but certainly is not their biggest fan plan go away September, and she wanted look at hotels. She hasn't got computer/laptop so brought mine look easier viewing.

Girl Accidentally Unleashes Army Of Spiders

Hard nope to this.
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Terrified man encounters giant house centipede | r/tifu Join u/skankybutstuff 5d 1 1 3 F 2 TIFU by meeting Satan's centipede M My hands are still shaking, but have tell someone horrors just experienced fairly active guy, and got few those sleeveless shirts wear working out. But with lockdown and few life events s been about 1, 2 months since had strict workout schedule. These sleeveless shirts have been hanging together back my closet since then, just chillin.

Traumatized Man Encounters Satan's Centipede

That's a big nope.
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Woman tries to eat her homegrown tomatoes and ends up in a showdown with a wasp | r/tifu Join u/leahnardo 1d 1 2 4 F1 3 2 1 TIFU by not watering my tomatoes and underestimating physics M This happened about thirty minutes ago. So l've been Covid gardening since March, growing stuff seeds, and my tomatoes are monsters. Six feet high and still going. Temps have been upper 90's, so need water them twice day check their condition, note they do need water, then see an actual TOMATO OMG. Since this is

Woman Tries To Eat Homegrown Tomatoes, Gets In Showdown With Wasp

Crisis averted.
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A fun Twitter thread on broccoli worms | Sam Darlaston @samd_official Hey @Tesco about cook my favourite vegetable all time (broccoli) and after unwrapping my surprise, found caterpillars inside! They're really nice and ended up keeping one as pet and naming him. but just as heads up, some broc has c-pillars

Twitter Thread: Man Discovers Caterpillars In Broccoli, Rollercoaster Ensues

So awesome.
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Dude helps friend move a couch and a caterpillar nightmare ensues | r/tifu Join u/butneverdestroyed 1d TIFU by helping move couch had been sitting outdoors week. L Mandatory 'happened yesterday. My husband's family celebrates Father's Day by gathering at their camp and having cookout and getting some chores out way my FIL wants get accomplished. No problem. Tlove camp and love chances help my FIL.

Dude Helps Move Couch, Caterpillar Nightmare Ensues

Oh, no.
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A quick and bizarre Tumblr thread about a person that ate spiders | vviimmv why FUCK is there big spider on my bedroom wall doesn't look like any spider ever seen my entire life fuck sicklythiasus are sure 's spider? vviimmv yes am looks like this

Tumblr Thread: Mad Lad Eats Wolf Spiders

That's one way to go about it.
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