What's the craziest thing an ex friend/lover has done to you? | Neon sign depicting a broken heart

20 People Share the Most Unhinged and Twisted Things Their Crazy Ex Did to Them in This Viral Thread

Time to break out the popcorn.
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insane beggar friends entitled choosing beggar - 16364549

Insane Choosing Beggar Demands $30 "For Her Birthday",

There's nothing like family and friends hitting you up for some cold hard cash. Something about lending money to people never ends well. The lending act adds new and tumultuous elements to the relationship that few can survive. As the age-old saying goes, you should never lend money to anyone that you can't afford to never see again. This logic hits another level entirely when friends start straight-up asking you for cash, with no guarantee of a return payment. This is what happened in the case…
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insane neighbors entitled karen neighbor - 16466181

Karen Airbnb Guest Accosts Random Neighbor, Demands They Let Her Inside

There's nothing more bewildering than being accosted by a random person on the street. There you are, just chilling in your own little world. Suddenly the sky darkens, and hellfire and fury are rained down upon you. Depending on the circumstance, this can be pretty entertaining but, even in the best of circumstances, it's going to be incredibly tense. Cortisol is pumping; the heart is racing. The whole body is prepped and alert for any outcome. Indeed that must have been what u/JohnDodger felt…
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wild science facts

Science Facts That Show The Terrifying Scope Of The Universe

Reality is freaky.
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insane boss manager anti work workplace Horrible Bosses work reform big quit tiktok great resignation - 16443397

Insane Company Suspends Worker For Not Participating in “Mandatory” Company TikTok

Say “Mandatory Company TikTok” and try to keep a straight face.
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insane flight attendant entitled traveling airplanes parents airplane flying - 16409093

Insane Entitled Kevin Threatens Flight Attendant Over Out of Control Child, Flight Forced to Land

The miracle of this story is that the plane was only two hours late.
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insane teens aita entitled parents drama teenagers parenting parents - 16408581

Insane Parents Attempt to Force Oldest Child to Live at Home to Babysit Siblings, Manipulate Her Into Staying

There's your parents being sad you're moving out... and then there's THIS.
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weird lies from compulsive liar stories

Insane Lies People Heard From Compulsive Liars

Credibility annihilated.
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insane Misogyny tinder relationships dating - 16247045

Tinderella Refuses to Continue Dating Guy Because He Works With Other Women, Says She's "Old School"

Sounds like internalized misogyny.
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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled People and Their Uproarious Demands

What humble rays of sunshine.
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insane psycho terrible wtf selfish relationships entitled - 16196357

Dirtbag Feels Entitled To Leave "Poor" Boyfriend After Saddling Him With Debt

That is some serious psycho behavior. The weird thing about certain people is that their capacity for soulless class-grabbing vastly outweighs their ability to self-reflect. And that's how you get absolutely vile and vampiric behavior such as this. The internet was quick to cut through this lady's lofty excuses and boiled her actions down to pure selfishness. For some more wildness, here's the stealing wife who turned fugitive and got tracked down.
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insane bride marriage bridesmaids entitled bridezilla - 16157957

Mechabridezilla Details Insane List of Demands For Wedding, Bridesmaid Drops Out

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insane christmas entitlement teenagers parenting - 16039429

Psychotic Daughter Gifts Breast Cancer Survivor Step-Mother Horribly Cruel Christmas Present

She did WHAT?
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25 images and gifs of warhammer40k terrain build | thumbnail three images of homemade terrain build, castle open, castle outside, castle stairwell

Insanely Awesome WarHammer40K Terrain Build, Homemade With Love

Gamers unite
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stupid bad and unsafe driving fails

Dumb Drivers Who Deserve Ample Ridicule

Come on, guys.
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insane coworkers entitled - 15896581

Entitled Deranged-Daughter Demands Her Dying Parents’ Wedding Rings, Coworker Tells the Story

This Lily is no flower.
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