insane Misogyny tinder relationships dating - 16247045

Tinderella Refuses to Continue Dating Guy Because He Works With Other Women, Says She's "Old School"

Sounds like internalized misogyny.
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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled People and Their Uproarious Demands

What humble rays of sunshine.
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insane psycho terrible wtf selfish relationships entitled - 16196357

Dirtbag Feels Entitled To Leave "Poor" Boyfriend After Saddling Him With Debt

That is some serious psycho behavior. The weird thing about certain people is that their capacity for soulless class-grabbing vastly outweighs their ability to self-reflect. And that's how you get absolutely vile and vampiric behavior such as this. The internet was quick to cut through this lady's lofty excuses and boiled her actions down to pure selfishness. For some more wildness, here's the stealing wife who turned fugitive and got tracked down.
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insane bride marriage bridesmaids entitled bridezilla - 16157957

Mechabridezilla Details Insane List of Demands For Wedding, Bridesmaid Drops Out

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insane christmas entitlement teenagers parenting - 16039429

Psychotic Daughter Gifts Breast Cancer Survivor Step-Mother Horribly Cruel Christmas Present

She did WHAT?
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25 images and gifs of warhammer40k terrain build | thumbnail three images of homemade terrain build, castle open, castle outside, castle stairwell

Insanely Awesome WarHammer40K Terrain Build, Homemade With Love

Gamers unite
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stupid bad and unsafe driving fails

Dumb Drivers Who Deserve Ample Ridicule

Come on, guys.
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insane coworkers entitled - 15896581

Entitled Deranged-Daughter Demands Her Dying Parents’ Wedding Rings, Coworker Tells the Story

This Lily is no flower.
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Ridiculously overpriced products | patchyj 1.5k points 4 days ago couple years ago, Mark's and Spencer Food high end supermarket UK, tried selling "Cauliflower Steak" which thick slice cauliflower 2.50 covered plastic could literally buy whole cauliflower same row bit further down 40p. They were crucified hilarious

Absurdly Overpriced Stuff People Have Seen

Someone will buy it, too.
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insane psycho wtf cry cooking marco pierre white chef lol crying - 107653377

Chef Marco Pierre White Describes Making Gordon Ramsay Cry

Now that's a hard boss to have.
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insane wtf FAIL indoors fire fireworks wedding stupid - 107458305

Indoor Fireworks Prove To Be A Bad Idea Once Again

Cool it with the fireworks inside.
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company won't accept mortgage payments and jerks customer around until they change companies

Company Won't Accept Mortgage Payments, Tells Customer They've Defaulted

"Shut up and take my money!"
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Video of motorcyclist hitting a tire on the freeway

Surprise Tire Upends Motoryclist

Alright that's terrifying.
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Tweets about kids saying very creepy things | elizabeth bruenig O @ebruenig am tucking my 4.5 y/o alright angel, sleep good, jane: did know our house there's secret door no jane can only see at night dark nope. not interested jane: and has big big big room inside am begging stop, | My daughter had an imaginary friend named Rusty. She stopped mentioning him and after while asked had become him? She told us she had rolled him up rug and shoved him down heaven hole. She pretty nonchalant about Neve

Twitter Thread: The Wildly Creepy Junk Kids Say

Well, uh, goodnight then.
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entitled people with big demands | Nextdoor KAREN Kelly Spotted 2 kids selling lemonade at stand without license. Looked anywhere between 7- 10 confronted these kids, and they told they did not have license. Both had brown hair. Parents, check with kids make sure are not compromising our local safety. |giuten-free-pussy know fact told this story on here be- fore but l'll never get over time working retail and cashing out some lady so asked "cash, debit or credit are paying, ma'am And she said

Entitled People and Their Goofy Demands

It never stops.
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funny cringeworthy and bad trashy moments | did miss hearing about this until now Winter wonderland event at Noarlunga costing $30+ per head enter can't stop laughing | car taking up parked in the middle of two handicap parking spots

Trash-tacular Moments of Garbage Behavior

Sometimes the world doesn't meet our bare expectations.
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