35 weird cars | thumbnail left and right weirdly shaped and constructed vehicles

Full Tank Of Weird And Unusual Cars For Peculiar Vehicle Enthusaists

Weird and unusual is our middle name
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Funny low budget DIY solutions | My phone screen broke, maybe better Mark Hamill @HamillHimself broken screen be sure, but welcome one glowing green crack in a screen looking like a star wars lightsaber | old phone nokia used as a door stopper

Innovative and Sometimes Dumb Solutions

It's not stupid if it works. But yeah, sometimes it's just stupid.
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Innovations and inventions | hallway with checkered floor that appears to dip in the middle of it: Perfectly Flat Floor, Designed Stop People Running Hallway. rubix cube with different textures instead of colors: Adapted Rubix Cube Blind

Useful and Interesting Innovations to Make Life Easier

Hey, that's kind of cool.
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funny creative stuff, pizza carton with a drawing of a tux

30 Innovative And Interesting Features and Twists on Everyday Stuff

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cheating strategies

22 People Share The Most Creative Cheating Strategies They've Ever Seen

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history innovation Video win - 83308289

The 71 Most AMAZING Innovations of All Time

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bicycle hotel Sweden innovation Video win - 82280449

You'll Soon Be Able to Reside in a Building Catering to Living Car-Free, in Sweden of Course

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