videographer told by TSA one electronic per tray and he has a lot of electronics

TSA Orders Videographer To Screen Electronics Individually, He Has Dozens

It was a long day at the airport.
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messes, mistakes and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: It Goes On

And on and on.
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Guy wastes a PlayStation 5 scalper's time | have gotten offers 850 and sold 3 piece 800 best can do Youssef If can do 850 l'll meet tomorrow and give s never been opened and have online ceipt still has sticker closes box If want 825 l'll give u if get two them can only do 850 if can meet grand rapids are really far and th lil easier. than u ould make my drive d be further

Guy Wastes Time of Predatory PS5 Scalper

May the inconvenience reign.
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Birds nests in strange places | birds nest with tiny chicks built between the ribs of a dead animals skeleton remains | birds nest built on top of another bird box

Bird's Nests In Weird Places

Birds don't give a damn.
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inconvenient burglar

Twitter Unleashes Its Inner Evil In The Most Inconvenient Thing They Would Steal From Someone's House

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sucks dogs error FAIL disaster destruction paint accident unfortunate cars bees mess mistake seagull inconvenient - 7104773

18 Unfortunate Events That Ruined Someone's Day

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bad sucks porta potty FAIL annoying disaster paint dairy queen seagull inconvenient funny - 6488069

20 Disappointingly Inconvenient "That Sucks" Moments

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