bad manager makes employees mutiny over time cards

Bad Manager Takes Charge In Coup, Causes Time Card Mutiny

The cutthroat politics of the office.
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developer uses bad code and loses all revenue, then doubles down

Pig-Headed Developer Uses His Own Code, Loses 100% Of Company's Revenue

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Reddit story of boss who gets locked out based on their own policy | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by darlin_squishy Maliciously complied and locked my boss out his own home EDIT: Thank so much gold award used work as property manager semi large company small city. Among usual duties PM

Manager Gets Nailed By His Own Unfair Policy

The tables, how they turn.
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Funny and stupid design fails | 859-323-6211 (after-hours) 859-257-6730 Triage 859-323-0077 s physician and phone number: NC FAMILIESARENOWHERE Our Lady Pece RIVENDELL BEHAVIORAL HEALTH HOSPITAL Chid Aute Payeh Berietre Acute Peyh Adaleent Aeute Paych Adult Bubutae Dets Adulecet Stance treatmd Perl p 800) 548-2621 (270) 843-1199 (270) 796-3772 fax has place. | HELL BABY dinosaur card

Design Fails that were Someone's One Job

Great work everyone.
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Guy gets injured, his boss tries to make him work.

Guy Gets Hit by Drunk Driver, Boss Expects Him to Work the Next Day

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wtf allergies medicine facebook disease incompetent ridiculous dumb doctors stupid - 7720453

12 Doctors Recall Their Most Dangerously Stupid Patients

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