company demands guy take shorter route to save money, it's more expensive

Company Demands Employee Take Shorter Route To Save Five Dollars, Tolls Cost Hundreds

Great work.
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worker takes coworkers job and makes mistake, destroys equipment

Competent Guy's Job Usurped By Unsafe Coworker, Lets Him Dig His Own Grave

It's how the dominoes fall.
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basic computer knowledge people didn't understand

The Worst Moments of Basic Technological Illiteracy People Witnessed

It gets bad.
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funny times someone had one job fails

Times People Had But One Job And Couldn't Get It Right

Lookin' good.
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bad executive producer fails music project as sound engineer watches

Incompetent Executive Producer Demands The Impossible, Tanks Project

That's how it's done.
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manager has comic sans as default font, tries to blame employee for it

Incompetent Manager Tries To Blame Employee For His Own Use of Comic Sans

Nice try, sir.
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Boss insists spellcheck is broken, employee fixes it, and he writes gibberish

Boss Insists Spellcheck Is Broken, Has It "Fixed," Makes Gibberish Until Fired

Good ol' hubris.
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funny not my job moments of people who didn't care at work

"Not My Job" Moments Of Professional Apathy

Eh, who cares.
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Boss angry he is not treated like genius

Insecure Boss Blows Up Because Employee "Doesn't Assume He Is A Genius"

Cool dude.
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guy at company wants computer that doesn't exist

Coworker Demands Mathematically Impossible Computer, Gets Proven Incompetent

Don't want to listen to the expert? Alright.
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funny fails relating to construction and installation

25 Incompetent Moments of "Unique" Construction and Installation

She's nonstandard, but she gets the job done.
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Karen manager demands employee print a video and gets fired | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/deeba_ 11 hours ago No problem print video And while at might have fired as well. oc L Hi all, This is my first submission sub and hope enjoy There's tl:dr at bottom. Context: This happened few years ago 18 and working as receptionist community nursing service. As youngest team by long shot average age employees being around 55-60 usually one responsible Computer Stuff mostly just simple things

Karen Manager Orders Employee to Print a Video File, Gets Fired

She insisted.
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Incompetent manager drafts bad letter, everyone uses it and he gets all the blame

Incompetent Manager Demands Horrible Customer Service, Receives All Blame

Thanks for the "streamlining" Steve.
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Engineering company rents equipment instead of buying it and wastes tens of thousands of dollars | Posted by u/calladus 2 days ago 97 3 6 15,000 equipment is too expensive department purchase. Why don't just rent 48,000 year oc M Back days 33.6kbps modems were hot shit worked engineering department growing company. This company had started small privately owned, and VPs had all put portion their own money start company. By this time story, they were finally making respectable 30-40 million year

Management Pays Rent On Equipment, Wastes Tens of Thousands

Wonderful strategy.
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Karen wastes budget on ugly designs until she loses her job | Posted by u/6463694 10 hours ago Client wants us create design "exactly" like their ugly Powerpoint comply. oc L As designer try educate my clients on design and why something has be done certain way. My agency is not cheap, so make quite clear they are paying our experience and knowledge, not some Photoshop monkey. Most time, my clients are appreciative and enjoy extra guidance and professional advice. Occasionally get "fun" jobs.

Karen Uses Up Budget on Ugly Powerpoints, Gets Fired

Beauty is in the eye of the... Powerpoint... holder?
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Funny times people didn't do their job | pipe spilling water out of a brick wall right onto a wooden bench | chocolate bunny wrapped in a santa claus wrapper

Wonderfully Incompetent "Not My Job" Moments

Keep up the good work.
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