A Sixth-Grader Wrote This Lovely Apology to the Emergency Dispatcher He Prank Called

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Not Sad Enough to Not Give the Selfie Side-Eye, of Course

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Why is This Made in Child Size?

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Sit-Down Comedy

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They Don't Play Around Out There

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Some Parents Force Their Kids to Go to Law School

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Well Which Would You Prefer?

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A Most Professional Way to Ask for Office Help

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Foul Funeral

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American Apparel Gets a History Lesson the Hard Way

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Somebody Confirm This is Satire. Please. We Can Only Hope.

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Who Doesn't Like a Little Risque Facebook Content?

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Turn Up That Funeral

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Remember the Good Ol' Da- WHAT?

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We Gather Today to Mourn the Wacky, Wavy, and Inflatable

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Inappropriate Reaction

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