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Mother-In-Law Plots to Pierce Grand-Baby’s Ears Without Mother’s Consent, Gets Banned From Babysitting

It's probably best that this lady isn't alone with your kid.
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11 reddit text images surrounding discussion | thumbnail "/MaliciousCompliance u/rustybathtub · 21h + Join S 22 2 21 24 1 Order me to buy your kids expensive gifts for Christmas? Okay then! S So my brothers and sisters basically ordered me and my wife to buy their children(our nieces and nephews) expensive gifts for Christmas because, according to them, we were "well off". We're not really, were just financially responsible."

Entitled Parents Expect 'Well Off' Siblings In Law To Buy Their Kids Expensive Christmas Gifts

Excuse me?
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Irate Husband and In-laws Insist Concerned Mother Makes Her Daughter’s Birthday “Not Vegan”, She’s Doing it Because of Daughter’s Severe Allergies

Sorry you're offended by your daughter's allergies dad!
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12 reddit images with text surrounding OP and mom's debacle | thumbnail "Now my mom is telling me she's upset that we didn't tell them in person and that my wife wasn't apart of conversation. I explained that my wife was having a rough time and felt uncomfortable with that so I was going to do whatever made her the most comfortable. She is my priority. My mom is insisting that her own needs are just as important in this scenario and that I should've"

Vindictive Mom Tells Son She Is Just As Important As His Pregnant Wife

So much salt
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woman calls out lazy brother-in-law

Woman Calls Out Lazy Brother-In-Law For 10 Minutes Straight

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entitled sister-in-law steals baby name but parents use it anyway

Entitled Sister-In-Law Steals Baby Name, Freaks Out When Couple Doesn't Care

That's refreshing.
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Religious sister-in-law can't stand rock bedroom decorations | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/ForsakenManagement17 18 14 6 S 5 E 14 18 hours ago AITA refusing change my daughters bedroom my pregnant SIL? Not hole My SIL (28) is visiting Christmas and sleeping my daughters (16) bedroom first day she's been here all she's done is complain about my daughters bedroom is decorated. Her walls are black and she has bunch rock posters on her walls. My SIL is very Christian and she says s evil and she can

Religious Sister-In-Law Can't Handle Staying In "Demonic" Bedroom

Oh no, band posters!
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This is Marriage in a Nutshell

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Or Your Mother-in-Law Wants You To Leave Her the Hell Alone

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I Have Minor Problems With Pedobear

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Autocowrecks: Everything Went Better Than Expected

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PolydacCat's Dad Expects Things to Get Complicated Quickly

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Family Gatherings are a bit of a Zoo

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