intelligent outsmarting moves

Brilliant Moves of Highly Variable Effectiveness

There's the smartness.
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interesting and artistic creations with not much taste

Impressive Creations of Dubious Taste

People are definitely creative.
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Man manages to make bread from a 4,500 year old yeast sample.

Man Makes Bread From 4,500 Year Old Yeast Sample

A definite flavor blast from the past.
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big girthy and powerful absolute units

Absolute Units of Gargantuan Girth and Powerful Presence

Make way for the big boys.
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cool and interesting brickwork

Fancy Brickwork To Gawk At And Feel Unskilled Over

The one time "being as graceful as a brick" is a compliment.
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funny "not my job" moments

Impressive "Not My Job" Moments From Masters Of Negligence

True champions of not giving a rip.
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impressive crazy surprising nfl awesome ridiculous football Video win - 107495937

NFL Wide Receiver Pulls Off Crazy Gutsy Play

Go on then.
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piano musical prodigy child makes up song on the spot

Child Prodigy Improvises Sonata In Under One Minute

It was based on four random notes.
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impressive costume ridiculous funny Video win - 107487745

Costumed Person Destroys The Drums At Children’s Music Concert

Just a bit overqualified.
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impressive cool pumpkins halloween awesome ridiculous Video win - 107478017

1223 Pound Giant Pumpkin Timelapse

Mesmerizing stuff.
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Wholesome story about a caring taxi service owner who helped out a customer in need.

Lazy Cab Driver Makes Woman Late To Work Again, Company Owner Steps In, Saves The Day

Kevin had it coming.
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impressive customer service awesome Video win tiktok - 2759686

Burger King Employee Runs Store Alone In Viral TikTok Video

Crushing it.
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impressive cool smart awesome genius Video win - 107467777

Man Has Genius Innovation To Prevent Thieves From Stealing His Tools

This guy's on a whole another level.
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impressive cool birds awesome falcon Video win - 107466497

Peregrine Falcon Swiftly Dives 180 MPH From Hot Air Balloon

Pretty impressive stuff.
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impressive cool awesome DIY Video win - 107455745

Upholsterer Manages To Restore A Completely Rotten Chair

Immensely satisfying spectacle to behold.
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impressive crazy racing driving Video win - 107423489

Race Car Driver Rolls Car, Manages To Avoid Injury

Could've been a whole lot worse.
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