customer service crazy viral video issues ridiculous ignorant racist rude karen airplane tiktok

Racist Karen Refuses to Deboard Plane After Yelling Offensive Slurs, Threatens to Sue Everyone

No points were made at all
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customer won't respond to water guy, gets 800 gallons of water in living room

Customer Refuses To Acknowledge Water Guy's Concerns, Gets House Flooded

"As per my email."
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A collection of the dumbest things that people have ever said.

Dumbest Things People Have Ever Said

Must've been a stirring discussion.
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stories of very dumb things people said.

Dumb Things People Witnessed That Leave Little Hope For Humanity

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Frustrating times people said dumb things and didn't understand basic stuff

Frustrating Times People Didn't Understand Basic Stuff

People have a lot to learn.
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Karen gets tricked with fake "left handed bag"

Clever Employee Mocks Karen With Bogus "Left-Handed Bag" Promotion

"It's new!"
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woman doesn't understand why she shouldn't let her kids play on historical burial site

Woman Lets Her Kids Climb On Historical Burial Site, Everyone Agrees She's A Jerk

"You have a lot to work on."
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dumb spelling failures

Spelling Fails That Beat The Meaning Out Of Words

Why should words mean anything anyway?
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stories of obnoxious American tourists

Obnoxious and Awkward Things Done By American Tourists

Yeah, sorry about that.
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Person gives the facts to Multi-Level Marketing scammer, but they double down

MLM Hun Gets the Facts, Won't Accept Them

Hopefully some day they'll turn around.
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Pet store employee stops Karen from buying a starfish for her kids

Pet Store Employee Stops Karen From Torturing Starfish

No Karen, it's not that easy.
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People who think they're way smarter than they are | imagine having an iq lower than 130 dude shut up youre bad with words

Self-Titled Geniuses Who Sprayed the Internet with Cringeworthy Bragging

It's hard to talk to someone who think's they're on another plane of existence.
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A collection of complaints from angry old ladies that couldn't smell their Yankee candles | whitepeopletwitter Follow Terri Nelson 000 @TerriDrawsStuff There are angry ladies all over Yankee Candle's site reporting none candles they just got had any smell at all wonder if they're feeling little hot and nothing has much taste last couple days too. 5:21 PM Nov 24, 2020 Twitter Web App 1.9K Retweets 612 Quote Tweets 17.4K Likes enidtheghost Follow this is no joke looked around reviews several

Angry Ladies Can't Smell Yankee Candles, Never Consider The Obvious

They should probably go in for a checkup.
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Stupid things people have heard said | lavernican 19.7k points 8 hours ago Work at hotel. Guest asked why there no fourth July parade or any fireworks town were Australia.

Wildly Dumb Things People have Heard

The bar just gets lower and lower.
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Facepalm fails and moments of people being stupid | Sir Rona @Squallamytweets kid born 2010 is now 20. Just let sink AKO @hvmoodi He doing R Kelly math.

Incompetent Moments of Classic Facepalm

Dumbness flows like a river.
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AskReddit replies to the dumbest tattoo fails that Japanese/Chinese speakers have seen | komnenos 9h Seen few over years but one remember most first started learning Mandarin guy had tattoo on back his leg proudly said which means beef.

Unbelievably Dumb Tattoo Translation Fails

These people failed and they don't even know it.
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