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Security Guard Thinks That He's Being Relieved, It's Actually His Boss Returning Home

A comically confused security guard saw a fellow security guard walking into one of the resident's apartments and decided to take action. He knew that this ‘new guy’ was here to relieve him and was acting out of line. When the property manager arrived they were quick to set the record straight and identified the ‘new guy’ as a tenant of the apartment complex. Oh, and they were superior in the chain of command to the security guard and essentially their boss. When it came time to interview for a…
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Pet Store Karen Quizzes Random Teen on Animal Anatomy, Can't Fathom They Don't Work There

“Does it have testicles?”… an essential question that echos out into the space of recorded time. Thumbnail Image: Bonnie Kittle
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Supermarket Karen Assaults Kid Helping Their Disabled Parent, Arrested, Cries in Court

This bewildering “Supermarket Karen” decided that she needed help from one of the store's personal shoppers. Except the store didn't have personal shoppers because that hasn't been a thing in grocery stores since like 1930 or something. She approached the “personal shopper” who was helping a woman seated in a wheelchair and began waving her list in their face and demanding her own service. To her abject horror, the personal shopper refused to divert her attention away from the other customer an…
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Student Gets Confused For Another Person By VP, Almost Gets Suspended

A student was called into the principal's office this week after being mistaken for another student who is, apparently, their evil twin. Once the mistake was revealed, the vice principal was embarrassed and backed down. As commenters have pointed out, this is a better end than we usually see, where people are determined to double down on their stupid mistakes. The thread was posted to the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit this week by the student, Redditor u/Super_Relationship22. They tell the story of…
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Guy Freaks Out at Disabled Person After He Mistakes Their Disability Lanyard For a Work Uniform, Refuses to Apologize

A disabled person found themselves targeted by an angry customer after the customer thought that their “disability lanyard” was a part of their work uniform. When confronted with the fact that he was wrong, he doubled down on the error and became increasingly agitated and angry at them and everyone else who tried to tell him otherwise. This bizarre display of behavior was displayed in a story that was posted to r/IDontWorkHereLady. A subreddit where people share stories such as this where they…
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“Please update your emergency contact information.” I don’t work there anymore. Please do not call me if there’s an emergency.

Worker Gets Aggressive Call From Employer Asking to Verify Emergency Callout Contact Details, Hasn't Worked There For 8 Years

"We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty."
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Enraged Guy Asks to See Retail Worker's Manager, They Don't Actually Work There, Guy Loses His Mind

No, I don't work here and that's not my manager.
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