Lady Screamed at Me For Not Cutting Her Fabric.. I Don’t Work at Jo Ann’s

Old lady accosts woman at fabric store and demands she cut her fabric... She doesn't work there

Accidentally approaching a stranger in a store, assuming that they work there — we've all done it — but it's how you handle those next embarrassing seconds that define your true character. Sure, most of us are most likely to blush and mumble some apology under our breath as we carefully back away and retreat to die in a hole somewhere; the bolder among us are going to be more like to laugh at ourselves for our mistakenness. But, there's a third group of people out there: Those who are so stubbo…
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Falsely accused of working with crime syndicate because I delivered them a pizza

Police Accuse Delivery Driver of Working For Crime Syndicate Because He Delivered Them a Pizza

Working as a delivery driver can be a hell of an experience. Consistently driving around and interacting with people on the threshold of their homes exposes you to a lot of experiences you'd probably rather not have witnessed; there's a reason why there's no shortage of crazy stories from delivery drivers floating around the wider web. People are strange, that's just a fact, and the more of them you interact with in a day, the more likely you are to encounter someone in uncomfortably close prox…
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customer support customer service karens fired retail customers customer service karens in the wild karen idontworkherelady reddit thread Reddit - 17731589

Frustrated Karen Gets Customer Fired From a Store Where He Didn't Even Work

This guy was fired from a store he didn't even work at after an enraged Karen insisted on his termination. He posted to Reddit's popular r/IDontWorkHereLady in order to share his story. Thanks to retrogressive policies like “The customer is always right" we have conditioned all of these entitled people in the world to think that they can get everything their way. The sad thing is that they are often completely right and they have this worldview reinforced time and time again by constant arse ki…
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uno-reverse idontworkherelady retail revenge petty revenge Walmart karen - 17661189

Guy Uno-Reverses Karen Who Thinks He is a Walmart Employee

When a guy went to Walmart's customer service to recover his wife's lost almond milk, he was approached by a wild K a ren who assumed he worked there. She insisted that he help her and insisted that he worked there, so he turned the play around and threw it right back at her . Reddit user u/literalgarbageyo posted this thread to Reddit's r/ IDontWorkHereLady , a medium-sized subreddit that often features stories, such as this, that have been shared by Reddit users about their experiences being…
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idontworkherelady tech support it ceo IT guy Horrible Bosses reddit thread Reddit - 17620741

Update: Arrogant CEO Demands IT Contractor Serve Him A Cup of Coffee, Contractor Walks Out

This IT guy is retired but still contracts with his old employer, and he was called in to help one of their clients with their “ancient inventory system.” When the CEO of the client sauntered on in demanding a cup of joe from the IT guy, things were about to go very poorly. This lengthy tale was told by Redditor u/ShelLuser42 who shared their story to the r/Idontworkherelady subreddit, a growing subreddit where people share stories where they have been mistaken for an employee. Typically these…
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customer service idontworkherelady retail customers reddit thread Reddit i-dont-work-here-lady service industry - 17501957

Retail Worker Puts Horrible Customer in Their Place, Manager Doubles Down

Every retail worker and customer service person has wished that they could do this.
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idontworkherelady military reddit thread Reddit i-dont-work-here-lady karen veterans veteran - 17487621

Supermarket Karen Assaults Combat Veteran, Pays the Price

A military combat veteran was minding his business doing his grocery shopping when a wild supermarket Karen appeared and demanded his assistance. When he refused to assist her things escalated and led to a dramatic confrontation. “30 days?! Why not forever?” Questioned Catacombs3. "Why would they tolerate/encorage people who physically attack their customers? I hope you pressed charges for assault." Some commenters took a dislike to the poster's narrative which they accused of being drenched in…
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customer service idontworkherelady retail food service service i-dont-work-here-lady karen service industry - 17482245

Hungry Karen Orders Pizza From A Craft Store

Need I say more?
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customer service waiter entitled karen service industry idontworkherelady - 17428229

Karen Assumes Random Guy is the Restaurant's Manager, Gets Served

Comments were mixed on this story with multiple people calling out the story for its contrived plot points. We found one especially harsh comment that was posted within an hour of the story going live. “I stopped reading after the setup and skipped to the end.” replied AcEcolton32. "‘Feel free to use this on YouTube.’ Nice try with trying out your writing chops but they're shit. If you wanted to write a good fake idwhl story that's actually believable, don't make it read like a book, like you k…
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idontworkherelady Reddit - 17032709

Security Guard Thinks That He's Being Relieved, It's Actually His Boss Returning Home

A comically confused security guard saw a fellow security guard walking into one of the resident's apartments and decided to take action. He knew that this ‘new guy’ was here to relieve him and was acting out of line. When the property manager arrived they were quick to set the record straight and identified the ‘new guy’ as a tenant of the apartment complex. Oh, and they were superior in the chain of command to the security guard and essentially their boss. When it came time to interview for a…
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idontworkherelady karen - 16977669

Pet Store Karen Quizzes Random Teen on Animal Anatomy, Can't Fathom They Don't Work There

“Does it have testicles?”… an essential question that echos out into the space of recorded time. Thumbnail Image: Bonnie Kittle
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idontworkherelady revenge karen - 16977157

Supermarket Karen Assaults Kid Helping Their Disabled Parent, Arrested, Cries in Court

This bewildering “Supermarket Karen” decided that she needed help from one of the store's personal shoppers. Except the store didn't have personal shoppers because that hasn't been a thing in grocery stores since like 1930 or something. She approached the “personal shopper” who was helping a woman seated in a wheelchair and began waving her list in their face and demanding her own service. To her abject horror, the personal shopper refused to divert her attention away from the other customer an…
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school students idontworkherelady FAIL - 16771333

Student Gets Confused For Another Person By VP, Almost Gets Suspended

A student was called into the principal's office this week after being mistaken for another student who is, apparently, their evil twin. Once the mistake was revealed, the vice principal was embarrassed and backed down. As commenters have pointed out, this is a better end than we usually see, where people are determined to double down on their stupid mistakes. The thread was posted to the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit this week by the student, Redditor u/Super_Relationship22. They tell the story of…
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customer service idontworkherelady retail Reddit - 16754693

Guy Freaks Out at Disabled Person After He Mistakes Their Disability Lanyard For a Work Uniform, Refuses to Apologize

A disabled person found themselves targeted by an angry customer after the customer thought that their “disability lanyard” was a part of their work uniform. When confronted with the fact that he was wrong, he doubled down on the error and became increasingly agitated and angry at them and everyone else who tried to tell him otherwise. This bizarre display of behavior was displayed in a story that was posted to r/IDontWorkHereLady. A subreddit where people share stories such as this where they…
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“Please update your emergency contact information.” I don’t work there anymore. Please do not call me if there’s an emergency.

Worker Gets Aggressive Call From Employer Asking to Verify Emergency Callout Contact Details, Hasn't Worked There For 8 Years

"We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty."
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customer support customer service idontworkherelady retail customers Reddit karen - 16310277

Enraged Guy Asks to See Retail Worker's Manager, They Don't Actually Work There, Guy Loses His Mind

No, I don't work here and that's not my manager.
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