instant karma cars dumb idiot pass stupid - 107705857

Idiot Passes On Shoulder, Gets Instant Carma

Good going dude.
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Conversation of guy who doesn't know about fishing trying to borrow boat | Today at 1:29 PM don't care if 's birthday not letting borrow my truck, tow my boat, try back up, and probably break something Today at 1:30 PM dude fuck know im reasponsible Today at 1:31 PM Naw ever since started date girl been slipping Like even happened car farily new Today at 1:31 PM minor fender bender but thats besides point wasnt even my fault

Dude Doesn't Know How to Fish, Tries to Borrow Boat

Yeah man, totally, just take it.
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Antivaxxer being stupid in text conversation | and 's truth bro sheep sheeple can be so blind Imfao 's zionists and gates' okay 's truth are blind where do get proof facebook s obvious got vaccinated right? no and don't have autism don't think jesus christ Delivered doesn't cause autism 100 time iMessage 4.

Anti-Vaxxer's "Reasoning" is as Incoherent as One Would Expect

It's like a Thanksgiving conversation all over again.
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Video news report of a man who bought tons of cleaning products to sell at a higher price.

Jerk Idiot Stuck with 18,000 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer He Tried to Flip

Good going, dude.
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Guy crashes truck into gas station and removes license plates.

Idiot Crashes Truck Into Gas Station And Removes Plates On Camera

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customer demands hot sauce

Delusional Customer Demands Her Son Get To Taste Hottest Hot Sauce In Store, Learns Lesson

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guns range dumb idiot safety dangerous stupid - 97847553

Gun Range Idiot Gets Removed for Being Dumb

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neighbors justice hit and run drunk interesting cars crime community drunk driving car crash dumb dui idiot stupid police - 7108101

Dipsh*t Driver Rats Himself Out For Hit and Run

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Is It A Naked Mole Rat?

failbook facebook idiot - 8967006208
By jc2581
twitter list idiot politics - 823557

Newt Gingrich Thinks "London Has Fallen" Is a Sobering Warning, the Internet Thinks He's an Idiot

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Numbers and Time are so Wibbily Wobbly Aren't They?

time facepalm idiot math - 8530531840
By amymca1

I Guess It Actually Worked

dropped dumb gullible idiot lost lost phone - 5751340288


burn detention idiot ruler - 6500207360
By Unknown

No Shortcuts!

cars FAIL gifs idiot railing - 6563187200
By _C_A_T_

Dammit Diego!

iPhones idiot - 7158076672
By beccakylie

What a Digital Dummy

idiot twitter - 8156500224
By ThJake
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