things that are too painful

Things That Physically Hurt Way More Than They Should

The shin is a failure of evolution.
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dumb injuries that people had

Stupid Ways People Accidentally Injured Themselves

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Stories of stupid ways people got scars | Vnv_23 More have scar on my forearm weaponized paper airplane taped razor blades and launched with rubber band.

Dumb Ways People Got Scars

Are there any smart ways?
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An actor throws a vase on the ground but it bounces and shatters on a cameraman.

Prop Bounces Off Set, Shatters On Cameraman

You don't expect a vase to bounce like this.
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Story of a kid who broke his arm and bent it to prove to the nurse it was broken.

Kid Breaks His Arm, Has to Prove It To Nurse

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Tweets of people's stories of people injuring themselves in stupid ways.

People's Dumbest and Most Embarrassing Freak Injuries

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Stories of people injuring themselves in stupid ways.

People Share The Dumbest Ways They've Injured Themselves

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sneezing and giving yourself a concussion

19 People's Dumbest Injuries That They Lied About to Save Face

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fail gifs of all types

10 Attempts That Landed in Failure

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guy gets rejected for being too thin

21 of the Worst Reasons People Used to Reject Someone

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failed helicopter rescue

15 Wicked Fails That Took a Toll

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Love's Lettuce Lost

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Failbook: 10 Likes and I'll go to the ER

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hospital hurt priorities - 5940370176
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Cats g rated hurt kissing - 3203137280
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