Customer leaves one star review because company won't fix his fridge during a hurricane evacuation, the owner leaves a good response.

Customer Leaves One-Star Review Because Place Won't Fix His Refrigerator During Hurricane

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Twitter user tells the story of the most successful slave revolt in US history.

Twitter User Tells Story Of The Most Successful Slave Revolt In U.S. History

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After falsifying weather data with a marker to corroborate his lie, people meme roasted the president's stunt on twitter.

Donald Trump Got Roasted With Memes Over Using Marker To Loop Alabama Into Hurricane Path

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Woman takes in 97 stray dogs to protect them from hurricane.

Woman Takes In 97 Stray Dogs To Protect Them From Hurricane

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10 pictures of Floridians approaching the horrific nature of Hurricane Irma with solid sense of humor.

10 Funny Floridians That Beat Back Hurricane Irma With Comedic Relief

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hurricane lobster Video - 297223

Hurricane Nicole Blew in a Gigantic 14 Pound Lobster in Bermuda

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People in Florida Know Things Are Getting Rough When the Waffle Houses Start Closing

waffle house index hurricane matthew People in Florida Know Things Are Getting Rough When the Waffle Houses Start Closing
Via @WaffleHouse
hurricane list tweets traffic - 1008901

The Internet is Loving This Photo of Evacuation Route Traffic

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hurricane fox news list Death weather tweets Video - 1008389

Fox Anchor Shepard Smith Decided to Offer Everyone an Unnecessarily-Scary Hurricane Matthew Warning

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hurricane list Memes weather - 1005317

People Are Trying to Keep a Sense of Humor as They Prepare for Hurricane Matthew

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hurricane job mailman weather Video win - 82519041

When it's Mail Time Not Even a Hurricane Will Stop This Mailman From Making His Deliveries

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hurricane list weather - 645893

7 Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Joaquin

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Good Guy Shopper Leaves No Cart Unaccounted For

cart hurricane - 6360080896
By Unknown

A Solid Plan

hurricane beer sign funny after 12 g rated - 8288989440
Via Calacaflaca
hurricane funny science - 56630785

The Weight of a Hurricane

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hurricane awesome science Saturn - 49873921

More Footage of Saturn's Hurricane

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