Tumblr story of game warden who let poachers reel him in in scuba gear to catch them | Terry Grosz fish and game warden caught illegal fishers by waiting Eel river wetsuit and reeled himself fisherman cast out their lines. After writing citations and confiscating their fishing rods, he went back into river and swam away.

Tumblr Thread: Game Warden Who Let Poachers Reel Him Up In Scuba Gear

What a method.
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Tumblr thread on why Deer leave their fawns alone | fawn curled up beside fake deer which is used target practice | vampireapologist lot people are super upset by this, so here is reminder someone who has worked professionally with deer fawn tucked down alone like this is almost never an orphan. Fawns are extremely small, and their best defense is stay hidden as often as possible. Unless they are nursing or moving new spot, tucking themselves down grass or against bigger objects is their best de

Tumblr User Explains Why Lone Baby Deer Is Probably Fine

It's not Bambi.
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funny warning signs

21 Frightening Signs That Are Way Scarier than They Need to Be

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list parenting facebook dad daughter hunting - 911621

A Dad Let His Daughter Take a Bite of a Deer Heart and Now the Internet Is Losing Their Minds

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cute hunting Video animals - 76124929

This Adorable Dachshund Takes Turkey Hunting Very Fashionably

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Outrage of the Day: People Hate This Lion-Killing Dentist

Lion Hunting Dentist draws everyone's ire.
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They Haven't Actually Taken The Course Yet

hunter safety points gun newspaper
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Then Why Did You Even Post This?

thieves, hunting, unnecessary
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deer guns FAIL hunting - 71763713

Lucky For This Deer This Hunter Shoots Like A Villain's Henchmen

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Every Girl Remembers Her First Time

childrens-writing fatherdaughter hunting - 7130572288
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Parenting WIN: The Manliest Little Dude

BAMF dad hunting manly Parenting Fail parenting WIN text - 5332502016
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whoops hunting Video mouse fail nation - 67348737

This Kid Tries to Hunt a Mouse in His Own Home. It Will Not End Well.

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Good Hunting, Bill?

thanksgiving Turkey hunting g rated win - 8378061568
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One Skeezy Politician is Trying to Dig Up Dirt on the Hunter Who Posted Their Pictures to Facebook

twitter gross hunting - 8252470528
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It Started as a Humblebrag, but Now It's a Pun War

humblebrag puns deer hunting - 8211591680
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The Waterfowl is Looking Fine This Year

accidental sexy food hunting meat - 8208307968
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