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My Dude Has a Fool-Proof Plan to Meet Jason Segel: Eat a Picture of the Actor Everyday Until Segel Eats a Photo of My Dude

How badly do you want to meet one of your favorite celebrities? 

Would you wait outside their hotel room? Mail them a letter? Or just go to one of those meet and greet things, like an honest, hard-working American? 

Noah Maloney has started a new campaign in which he eats a picture of Jason Segel everyday until Jason Segel eats a picture of Noah. This guy sounds like a real freak and a real geek. No one what I'm saying? Just kidding, he seems cool.

Starting last week, the #EatMyFaceSegel has begun, and the videos

on his YouTube page

— the accurately titled "Dog Shit" — makes good on that promise.

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