hoverboard ridiculous drones dangerous Video - 106755585

Guy Flies Homemade Hoverboard 40ft High While Drone Follows Him

This is actually nuts.
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The Exact Moment The Machines Turned on Us

Via ImaginingDragon
Girls trying to use a hoverboard ends up with one of them falling off, and it's hilarious.

Girl Trying Out Hoverboard GONE WRONG!

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Girl tries to use a hoverboard and it results in a painful and hilarious disaster on video.

Girl Trying To Use Hoverboard GONE WRONG

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ouch hoverboard FAIL vine wall - 82568961

Be Careful When You Back That Thing Up Girl

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When Your Hoverboard Balance is Perfect, Don't Forget to Check For Small Children Behind You

funny fail gif little kid wrecks guy on hoverboard balancing ipad
Via AdamE89

When Your Futuristic Hoverboard FAILs

Via LasVegasLocally
hoverboard FAIL Video - 80913409

At Least the Hoverboard Managed Not to Light Itself on Fire?

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The Future Is Now

hoverboard parenting - 8804788992
Via nowaygirl
hoverboard kids teeth parenting - 80132865

Kids Use Hoverboard and String to Help Yank out Loose Teeth

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hoverboard FAIL douchebag Video wtf - 80058881

Yelling at a Convenience Store Attendant to Get You Snacks While Waiting on a Hoverboard is Peak Douchebag

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hoverboard FAIL right in the face faceplant Video flip - 79890177

The Only Way to Up Your Douche Level on a Hoverboard is to Try a Front Flip

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guinness world records hoverboard technology Video win - 79831041

Hoverboard Sets a Beautiful New Guinness World Record

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hoverboard bikini Video - 79639297

If You've Got a Hoverboard, Here's How to Make it Lame (Even With a Bikini-Clad Model in it)

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skyscraper hoverboard heights dangerous Video - 212999

Douchedevil Rides Hoverboard Dangerously Close to Edge on Skyscraper

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hoverboard technology invention Video win flying - 79414273

If You Want a Hoverboard Experience, You're Going to Have to Strap a Jet Turbine Engine Attached To Your Feet

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