A house is not a home, but it could be. Just needs a bit of imagination an interior decorator and someone to check out that wacky feng shui you have going on. To help you get there, find some light in the dark and hilarity in the work ahead with some hilarious home memes and jokes.

pettyrevenge | "I placed 5 vehicles in my driveway." | My HOA will learn that I absolutely live by the letter of the law.

HOA Doesn't Want Dude Parking in His Own Driveway, Blocks Street Instead

We'll leave it for you to judge who is in the wrong here, but there ain't no way we're siding with the HOA. Even still, parking cars in front of your neighbor's house and blocking the street in the process is pretty damn entitled behavior… So we're finding it pretty hard to side with the poster either. It's probably the mounting jet lag and utter lack of sleep, but I'm having trouble agreeing with anyone today. Harassing your neighbor with your car collection and making it, so the street is com…
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malicious compliance house reddit story builder electricity reddit thread Reddit electrician - 17969413

'I got paid to repair all the violations': "House flipper" wants electrician to mislead inspector after getting someone else to do the work

This electrician quickly realized that they didn't want to work with a short-tempered house flipper after watching the client go off on his business-partner brother. The electrician gave the client his “I don’t want to do this job” price which led the client to go with another electrician. When the client contacted them months later to meet with the inspector, it became instantly apparent that the workmanship was incredibly poor and not up to code. There are endless videos online that display t…
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karens neighbors house entitled home karen entitled people neighbor reddit thread Reddit - 17792773

Entitled Neighbor Karen Calls Tow Truck When Guy Parks in Front of His Own House

Most of the joy of owning or residing in your own place is that, while you're in that space, the rest of the world can be damned and leave you the hell alone. This is a privilege that is a huge motivator for a lot of folks who seek to enter themselves into immeasurable debt just to have a place that they can call their own. A place away from all the travelers, Karens, and other nuisances that are the entitled people of the world. Imagine this user's shock and horror when he was confronted by a…
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bad houseguests

The Worst and Weirdest Houseguests People Have Witnessed

Okay, cool.
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terrible guests horrible wtf house selfish ridiculous entitled funny weird - 16295941

Absurdly Rude Guests That Made Themselves Far Too Comfortable

We all (mostly) try to be good hosts when we have guests, but sometimes our hospitality can be taken advantage of by guests who seem to forget that they aren't at their own house. This led u/ Mr_Yus_uwu to ask the question: "What was the worst thing your guest did when they took "Make yourself at home" very literally? The results were as surprising as they were unsurprising. That means to say, people can be pretty terrible houseguests in wildly unpredictable ways. It's not unheard of to have a…
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12 text images roommate story boyfriend allergic reaction to honey | thumbnail grey background text "well, yesterday I got back home from work, and my roommate wasn't home. I didn't question it and moved on with my day. A few hours later I heard the front door open, and a few moments later my roommate enters my room and just starts yelling at me say I could've killed her boyfriend and how I am irresponsible"

Roommate's Boyfriend Has Allergic Reaction After Stealing Woman's Leftovers, Ludicrousness Ensues

Good old roommate fun.
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twitter wtf castle house lol amazing ridiculous weird selling - 16234501

Twitter Thread: The Gaudiest Castle For Sale In Connecticut

Rebecca Makkai did a deep dive into an amazingly over-the-top castle built by the kin of a steel tycoon in 2010. As we all know, wealth hardly ever really translates to taste, and it all looks like a 3rd grader's idea of luxury. Anyway it's for sale if anyone has the scratch for it. The dude selling it seems like a bit of a prickly customer, though. For another wonderful listing, here's the Tumblr Thread on the 70s house that looks like carpeted geometry salad.
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family member tries to get house sitter to pay utilities bill | Posted by u/22022004 AITA refusing pay bills house house-sitted month ago Not hole don't really think asshole this situation but family member, her boyfriend and her mum sure do. Although fact family member recently lost her job due pandemic does make feel like being an AH little less than month ago decided house sit family member and her boyfriend week while they were going see their parents knew wasn't get

Entitled Family Demands House Sitter Pay Their Utilities Bill

That's not part of the deal
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Tumblr thread about weird house made in 70s with carpeting and non-Euclidian geometry | gretchensinister Follow Come with friends.

Tumblr Thread: 70s House Is Carpeted Geometry Salad

That's a lot of vaccuming.
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pictures of gaudy, weird and ugly home design

Bad, Weird and Unique Home Design Choices

Ever wanted a plaid floor?
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mother in law wants deed

Mother-In-Law Demands Deed To House She Didn't Pay For, Gets Refused

There's some red flags in there.
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A collection of highly questionable design fails.

Highly Questionable Design Fails

Upside down world vibes.
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tumblr thread on rich people's empty mansions

Tumblr Thread: The Big, Weird Empty Mansions of Rich People

Mansions used to make more sense. Sort of.
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stranger claims woman's house is her childhood home and demands entry, she's lying

Stranger Demands Entry Claiming She Used To Live At Woman's House, Not What She Seems

Stay vigilant.
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wtf house tom selleck lol ridiculous dumb reverse mortgage funny - 107423745

Edited Reverse Mortgage Ads Have Tom Selleck Desperately Wanting Houses

It's what the people want.
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weird things people saw at other peoples houses

The Weirdest Things People Saw At Other People's Houses

It uh, takes all kinds.
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