tumblr explanations of why horses are fragile

Tumblr Thread: Horses Are A Genetic Mess

Don't be a horse.
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TV presenter catches a horse before it runs away

Presenter Amazingly Catches Loose Horse

Heroic reaction time.
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Tumblr user says that horses are fine to get around on three legs without prosthetics | horses and horsey creatures certain can get around just fine on 3 legs, no prosthetics needed (depending on which leg is missing just so long as don't ride them 80% sure can't ride them if they've only 3 legs Umm have master's animal science and think must not be anything horse-related Well gon' learn today! First quick lesson on equine anatomy. They walk on last bone single toe. This is different human

Master In Animal Sciences Gets Schooled On Horses

That education only got them so far.
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Tumblr thread on sizes of horses | beeftart horses are inherently funny because they come so many sizes. like draft horses this looks so fake. this horses skull is bigger than dudes entire torso. this horses NECK is thicker than dudes entire BODY.

Tumblr Thread: Horse Sizes are Ridiculous

It's like dogs!
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weird photos, uncommon pics

40 Uncommon Things That Will Make You Say "Thanks but That's a Lot of Internet"

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panorama photo, panorama fail, animals, abominations

38 Panorama Fails That Morphed Animals into Adorable Monstrosities

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When You're Tired of This Shit

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kids surprise parenting horses Video horse - 296455

Parents Surprise Boys With a Horse and Their Reactions Are Priceless

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Stop Horsin' Around

parenting horses - 8971616000
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"Don't I Feel Like an Idiot?"

horse masks horses police - 7383326464
By Unknown

Wild and Free Forever

wrong number prank horses failbook g rated - 8282049280
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Only in Texas, Right?

Starbucks horses white people - 8217233408
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A Majestic Rider for a Majestic Beast

horses derp - 8211463936
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One Big, Gigantic Phrasing Problem

accidental gross horses spelling failbook - 8191411968
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horses safety Video - 60881921

Animal Attack of the Day: Man Learns the Hard Way Why They Put a Cone There

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Because No One Else Experiences Dirty Hands...

horses - 8184458752
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