musician choosing beggar reverse on horse person

Musician Pulls Ultimate Reverse Uno On Entitled Horse Person

Absolutely flawless.
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owner responds to horrible influencer's bad horse stable review

Influencer Leaves Fake Review For Stables, Gets Decimated By Owner's Full Story

Ah, the truth comes out.
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Tumblr thread on sizes of horses | beeftart horses are inherently funny because they come so many sizes. like draft horses this looks so fake. this horses skull is bigger than dudes entire torso. this horses NECK is thicker than dudes entire BODY.

Tumblr Thread: Horse Sizes are Ridiculous

It's like dogs!
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Horse-drawn cart doing donuts,

A Horse-drawn Cart Doing Donuts

Putting the horsepower to good use.
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Master in animal sciences gets schooled on horses | horses (and horsey creatures certain can get around just fine on 3 legs, no prosthetics needed (depending on which leg is missing just so long as don't ride them 80% sure can't ride them if they've only 3 legs Umm have master's animal science and think must not be anything horse-related. Well gon' learn today! First quick lesson on equine anatomy. They walk on last bone single toe. This is different human which walk on quarter bones our entire

Tumblr Thread: "Master" In Animal Sciences Gets Schooled On Horses

Learn something new everyday.
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Doctor asks where to defibrillate a centaur | tweet by FredWuMD Serious question medtwitter: If show up at code, and patient is centaur who had cardiac arrest, ignoring joules question, where do think defib pads should go assuming heart is human part, or B, assuming heart is horse part

Doctor Asks How to Deal with Centaur Cardiac Arrest

Or maybe, centaurdiac arrest?
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crazy reporter ridiculous Video horse - 99349761

UK Horse Riding Reporter Risks Life To Catch Runaway Horse

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Musician recounts story of a fan who rode a horse to a house party and took a photo.

Musician Tells Story of a Fan Who Rode a Stolen Horse To A Party with Photo Evidence

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panorama photo, panorama fail, animals, abominations

38 Panorama Fails That Morphed Animals into Adorable Monstrosities

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tumblr thread about the space shuttle

Tumblr User Derails Our Idea Of The World's Most Advanced Transportation System

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panoramic photo fails

22 Freaky and Hilarious Panoramas Gone Wrong

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funny horse snowstorm

Twitter Thread About Hilariously Clueless Horse Surviving Huge Snowstorm Will Melt Your Icy Heart

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Horse hilariously steals the show by smiling in a bride's funny wedding photo.

Horse Gloriously Trumps Bride By Smiling In Hilarious Wedding Photo

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Look! It's bucket head!

horse gets a bucket stuck on its head fail gif
Via DaFunOne

What's a Bro Gotta Do to Grieve In Peace

Via Mowglidefoe
twitter London picture confused UK funny weird horse police - 1320197

We're All Deeply Confused By This Horse That Was Photographed Entering a Bus In London

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