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Worker quitting in the middle of an online meeting goes viral on tiktok

TikTok of Employee Boldly Quitting in the Middle of an Online Meeting Goes Viral

Sounds like it was mostly Kevin's fault.
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Employee Refuses Boss' Demands to Work on Holidays and Weekends, Coworkers and Employer Turn Against Him

Stuck between a rock and a hard place
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Unhinged Manager Fires Employee After He Asks For A Raise

Probably not the desired outcome...
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Engineering Team Gets the Better of Their Management When They Start Enforcing "Strict Working Hours"

Probably not great to mess with a group of people who specialize in precision.
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Boss Tries to Force Worker to Come in on His Day Off, Backpedals When Guy Quits on the Spot

Sometimes you think you have more power than you actually do.
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