reasons people left a relationship

18 People Share The Exact Moment That Made Them Decide to Nope Out Of A Relationship

That would do it.
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dumbest excuses people gave for cheating

30 People Share The Dumbest Excuses Cheaters Gave Them

Gold medal Olympian for mental gymnastics
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embarrassing stories

25 People Share The Most Embarrassing Moment They've Witnessed

People remember this stuff.
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weddings where people knew the relationship wouldn't last

40 Times Wedding Guests Knew The Marriage Wasn't Going To Last

Not a good sign.
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entitled people

Entitled People With Their Laughable Demands

Cool, dude.
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bad roommate stories

30 People Share Their Worst Roommate Experiences

It's the worst.
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women who dated creepy guys

Women Who Regret Giving A Creepy Guy A Chance

Trust your gut.
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wife thinks nurse is wrong for advocating for her husband's care and privacy

Nurse Asks Entitled Wife's Family To Leave While She Changes Husband's Catheter, Wife Thinks Nurse Is Wrong

What position to choose.
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trashy moments

Terrifically Trashtacular Moments That Escaped From The Dump

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chaos, failure and misfortune

Chaotic Times Mayhem Ruined Someone's Day

Misfortune is just around the corner.
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plant mom's family steals and sell plants

Plant Mom's Sister-In-Law and Niece Say They'll Watch Plants, Cut Up And Sell The Pieces

That's a bundle.
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karens and entitled people

Entitled People and Total Karens Who Graced The World With Their Audacious Behavior

At least it's not boring.
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scary weird and creepy warning signs

Ominous Signs That Pump Up The Creepiness

Uh, thanks sign?
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stories of people's bad neighbors

People Share Stories Of Their Nightmare Neighbors

Very cool, guys
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times people knew they screwed up

Moments That People Realized They Had Screwed Up

Oh no.
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Minecraft player destroys kid's diamonds for no reason

Minecraft Player Reveals Their Most Vile, Underhanded Act

Our faith in humanity was dug up and then buried deeper.
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