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14 Things Millennials Are Killing

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10 Elderly Facebook Fails

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A Cub Scout Camp Was Sponsored by Hooters and Moms Are Outraged

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Thirsty? Come to Hooters!

creepy hooters - 8227155456
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It Doesn't Cost Anything to Look, Bill

lady bits hooters ad placement funny - 7675649024
Created by p51d007

Jealousy: The Gift Mom Always Wanted

Ad bad idea hooters - 7443415296
Created by Unknown

They'd Deliver Your Food in Fun Bags

hooters delivery - 6940388864
Created by Unknown

Thirst... Rising...

baby hooters - 6752047360
Created by Unknown

True Player WIN

bro hooters parenting pimp - 6308161536
Created by Unknown

FAIL Nation: Having a Sense of Humor FAIL

fail nation g rated Hall of Fame hooters star wars - 6202393856
Via Reddit

Bring me Solo and the Wookie

hooters star wars - 6122644736
Created by Unknown

Get a Load of Those Balloons!

Balloons hooters - 6026820864
Created by Unknown

Wait 'til they tell him about the deal they have on wings

Babies bewbs boobs hooters - 5785140736
Created by trollcave_08

Parenting Fails: No Seriously, They Have Good Wings. Seriously!

birthday cake hooters inappropriate parenting Parenting Fail - 5583928320
Created by karajo19

Veteran's Day FAIL

hooters money oh snap veterans - 5423573248
Created by Faustrex

Hooters Sign FAIL

failboat hooters missing letters Movie Professional At Work swear words - 5068594944
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