Bros: The Justice League of Bromerica

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Bros: Bro Scouts

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He Hit The Nail On The Head

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Created by wHoReY_MaNsEn ( Via Twitter )

A Single Perfect Tear Is Rolling Down My Cheek

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Board: A Stiff Length of Wood

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Created by Lisa Z

Two Dudes One Aisle

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Someone Should Tell Him "Sagittarius" Starts With an "S," Not an "F"

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Failbook: An Open Letter to All the Gayters

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Failbook: Why Can't More Parents Be as Accepting?

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Created by MegHodo

Only Come Out of the Closet When You're Ready

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Failbook: The Hunger Gays

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Created by Unknown

Bros: Jesus Is VERY VERY VERY Disappointed in You People!

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Maybe You're Just Not Attracted to the Girls From Sororities

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Bros: I'd Drop the Soap for You

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Just Friends

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Via Reddit

Guys and Girls CAN Be "Just Friends!"

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