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Remember When That Homeless Man "Won" the Lottery? Well, Because of That He's Not Homeless Anymore.

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Somebody Give This Guy a Snack

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No Home, Few Possessions, All Class

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Laughing to Make the Tears Stop

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What This Guy Did for a Homeless Person Was WAY Better Than Giving Change

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Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day: Doctor Dresses the Homeless

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Giving Care Packs to the Homeless

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Carlos Santana Reunites With Original, Now-Homeless, Drummer

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We're an Easy-Going Company

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The Nicest Story of the Day: Giving to the Homeless, and the Homeless Giving Back

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These Interviews With the Homeless Will Give You Some Fresh Perspective on Life

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The Housing Foreclosure Hits us All Hard

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Come Out of Your Shell

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That's a Donation I Can Get Behind

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High School Kid Has Crazy Homeless Man Pose As His Uncle For School Report

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Giving $3,000 to an Internet-Famous Homeless Man

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