A house is not a home, but it can be. If you make it, they will come, so put four walls up and chuckle at some house puns.

stranger claims woman's house is her childhood home and demands entry, she's lying

Stranger Demands Entry Claiming She Used To Live At Woman's House, Not What She Seems

Stay vigilant.
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neighbors want guy to build house for their property values

Neighbors Demand Dude Build A House To Increase Their Property Value

Good old neighbors.
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A homeowner refuses to be a part of the HOA, so the HOA becomes enraged.

Homeowner Refuses To Be A Part Of HOA, HOA Becomes Enraged

Another reason that HOAs are the worst.
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funny story of homeowner who runs for HOA board on campaign to do nothing and wins

Resident Runs For HOA Board on Platform of "Doing The Bare Minimum," Wins

Sometimes there's justice in politics.
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stories of terrible houseguests

The Most Disrespectful Houseguests People Have Had

"Get out, git!"
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cameraman gets food poisoning at old folks home and ends up filming self

News Cameraman Gets Food Poisoning at Old Folks Home, Films More Than He Bargained For

It's a rough job.
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pictures of gaudy, weird and ugly home design

Bad, Weird and Unique Home Design Choices

Ever wanted a plaid floor?
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Nasty neighbors won't be considerate of neighbor over a heater situation, so a pro revenge takes place. | r/ProRevenge Join u/VloekenenVentileren 2h 1 2 1 e2 S 1 1 Don't wanna turn down heating unit make sure start day freezing cold. So this story takes place only few weeks ago live on first floor cornerbuilding and ground floor this building is general commercial unit had been vacant about year changed december 2020. At point national post service rented out building as temporary place where me

Neighbors Won't Turn Down Heating Unit, They Pay The Price

Should've just played nice.
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Tumblr thread about weird house made in 70s with carpeting and non-Euclidian geometry | gretchensinister Follow Come with friends.

Tumblr Thread: 70s House Is Carpeted Geometry Salad

That's a lot of vaccuming.
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strict and frustrating homeowner's association rules. | Gruneun 17 hours ago 2 e2 3 2 E 2 first month our townhouse got notice had not mowed our lawn and were danger being fined didn't have lawn entire yard covered topsoil, seed, and straw lawn" turned out be single weed growing up shade bay window didn't pull tied stake and told them our garden.

Dumbest HOA Rules People Had To Deal With

Thanks, Homeowner's Association.
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Dude wants brother's family out of house after nephew accidentally starts a fire for TikTok | Posted by u/aitathrowawayfire AITA asking my brother's entire family move out because my nephew set my bathroom on fire tiktok? My (32F) brother (43M his wife (40?F and their two kids (9F and 15M) have been staying with little over two weeks now because they lost their jobs due coronavirus and were evicted. Four people is obviously large addition, but didn't want them be home

Dude's Nephew Starts A Housefire for TikTok, Wants Whole Family Out

The internet presides for judgement.
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Australian Man tells prime minster to get off his lawn

The Time an Australian Dude Told The PM to Get Off His Lawn

It's not something you get to do every day.
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Horrible stories of homeowners association | jay_mee_d 24.9k points 17 hours ago 2 S being charged $400 because violation bush overhanging my walkway don't have walkway. Or bush picture isn't even my house. They won't back down.

People Who Had to Deal with a Nightmare HOA

Power corrupts.
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twitter thread about adopting a stray cat | Connor Manning @AConnorManning Made friends with most affectionate street cat

The Saga of A Cat Getting Itself Adopted

It's a wholesome timeline.
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HOA wants to know every time he sets out his trash can, so he calls every time | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Endoman13 11 hours ago 2 let know every time use my garbage can. oc s never met anyone said "Oh good, an HOA all have trash cans, but sight them offends delicate eyes some, so complied with new rule no seeing bins street find notice my bins being out, which is surprising because only one who touches cans and know 100% compliant.

HOA Demands Trash Can Updates, Homeowner Obliges

Hey, that's what they wanted.
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Absurd radio tower HOA strategy | Well There's Problem Podcast @wtyppod folks Here's best piece advice dealing with an HOA. If they ever start giving trouble, just threaten put up radio tower backyard. Like let's say just got trampoline kids enjoy and HOA tells have take down.

Radio Tower Threat is Bold HOA Fighting Strategy

Technically it could work maybe.
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