It's springtime for hitler, and Germany, that's it. 

twitter quote nazi hitler - 4923141

InfoWars Editor Missattributes A Quote to Hitler, Gets Totally Schooled

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FAILS school FAIL presentation anime rap cringe brony hitler - 355846

This School Presentation Compilation Will Make You Cringe Back In Time

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People on Twitter react to a woman saying that she's a humanist, and thus can find good in Hitler.

Twitter Explodes Over Woman's Decision To Find The Good In Hitler

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Too Bad You Can't Star These Memes

funny facebook image hitler memes are funny because you're racist
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tila taquila comes out as a nazi

Tila Tequila Celebrated Her 4/20 Birthday by Announcing That She Is in Fact Hitler

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FAIL donald trump Video politics hitler - 78571777

These Voters Might Be Ready to Dump Trump and Pledge Support for... Hitler?

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Some Employee is Going to Have To Say These Hitler Images Were Mein Mistake

funny fail images twitter exposes accidental images of Hitler on shopping website
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Woah Now You Might Be Overstating Things

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Catholic School Education is the Best

gandalf Hall of Fame hitler - 6183723776
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Going Gaga for Goebbels

abstinence Hall of Fame hitler marriage virgin waiting - 5351923200
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Wait... He's Alive?

hitler Subway - 7978121472
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Anyone Who Talked About the Greater Good? Basically Hitler.

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Technically Correct.

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Really Struggling With Finding the Love Here

whoops Challenge Accepted wisdom quote hitler failbook - 8462575104

One of These Things is Not Like the Other...

dogs pets store display Cats hitler - 8402732800
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Think About it, the End is Nigh!

yik yak conspiracy what hitler failbook g rated - 8391369728
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