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27 the office memes | thumbnail left michael scott sitting on chair next to bucket of cheese puffs " leave work gonna hit gym, fold laundry, get some cleaning done and cook food 4 hours after getting home útz Cheese" thumbnail left "Glasses - OOPS VE DROPPED OUR PRICES DUNDER MIFFLIN"

World's Best Boss Memes For The Office Loving Dunder Mifflin-ites

Classic and hilarious
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15 glasses themed memes | thumbnail left glasses meme man with foggy lenses, thumbnail right glasses left rubbing with glasses cleaning cloth left glasses cleaning with t-shirt one month

Glasses Memes For The Four Eyed Wonders Amongst Us

Glasses humor, because why not
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17 animal memes | thumbnail left two birds meme, one feeding other with memes, thumbnail right meme of black bird "Raven -  have cynical personality but heart is still full love and just want someone give"

Delightful Series Of Silly Animal Memes

Heartwarmingly funny
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26 stupid people meme images | thumbnail left " Are you going to class tomorrow 100.4 Read 11:20 PM Does that mean you're pregnant or not" thumbnail right "Automotive parking light - OUR (1OST VALUABLE RESOURCE SITS 63 FEETAHEAD. JON OUR TEAM ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS. hattertracking rem SHAFFER TRUCKING "

Delightful Series Of Stupid People Doing What They Do Best (Being Stupid)

Optimal stupidity, achieved!
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17 the office themed memes | thumbnail left michael scott dancing meme thumbnail right netflix you still there michael scott meme

An Office Meme Dump To Cringe Through At Your Workplace

Cringe, laugh, repeat
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45 construction fail images | thumbnail left right turn only fail, thumbnail right random balcony detached to house

Compilation Of Construction Fails That Are Painful To Look At

It hurts, it hurts so good
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37 memes inspired by stupidity | thumbnail left "fasteners" sign hanging off of aisle "the irony," thumbnail right girl pumping gas into a red solo cup

Optimal Human Stupidity Highlighted In These Laugh Worthy Memes

Don't mind us, we'll be laughing
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27 images of funny signs and flyers | thumbnail left text exchange printed out "Whiskey Business Today 10:47 PM Hey Oscar! It's Tony..can you make a flyer for our new Happy Hour? Sure, no prob. Send me the details. $4 Ketel One $4 Miller Lite 22oz $4 Lettuce Wraps $4 Jim Beam Shots What time does it start? Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm !!! Done & done buddy Delivere" thumbnail right sonic sign " SONIC America's Drive-In CHICKEN LOSES JOB CHICKEN IS BROKE CHICKEN STRIPS $3.79 "

27 Funny Signs And Flyers To Glance And Laugh At During Lunchbreak

STOp glance and laugh
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