Bad and awkward moments at people's high school reunions | BobMightBeCool 28.0k points 17 hours ago edited 1 hour ago Some girl confessed cheating on her high school sweetheart, thinking enough time had passed wouldn't bother him. She thought wrong

Awkward Moments from High School Reunions

Sometimes there's a reason you all don't see each other anymore.
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Askreddit stories of crazy things that happened at school | reddit posted by Mad_as_a_Lorry Principal found weed boys bathroom. Called an assembly and told us had vote who think think principals son got like 98 votes. Suddenly voting system wasn't valid didn't even coordinate everyone had same idea at once and glorious

People Share Their School's "Incident"

School is a weird place.
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Trends and popular fads that were quickly forgotten.

Huge Trends That Everyone Just Kinda Forgot About

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shameful embarrassing stories | flabinella 10.0k points 13 hours ago had great day at waterpark outdoor pool and towards afternoon woman came up and whispered my ear have problem with my swimsuit reached behind noticed huge gap fabric torn right middle and could see my white, untanned asscrack running around like this all day and no one said anything.

11 Ashamed People Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments

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woman medicine Death injury fake proof twitter highschool accident text golf cart car accident medical bills dad ridiculous story money stupid - 7253253

Woman Fakes Her Death and Racks up Medical Bills to Avoid Embarrassment

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cringe first relationship

15 Cringey Things People Did In Their First Relationship

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askreddit stories of things people did when they were young

25 Formerly Deep Souls Share the Cringiest Things They Did as Angsty Teens

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highschool angst FAIL childhood teenagers photos myspace regret - 4986373

41 Childhood Photos That Are So Much Regret

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funny yearbook quotes

These Yearbook Quotes Win All of High School

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Well, That Seems Rude

sign highschool swearing funny - 8252124416
Via Fresh Mint123

The Challenging Life of the World's Most Hard-Working High School Student

car highschool pregnant school sex - 6327892992
By Unknown

Unplanned Parenthood

Babies contraception highschool parenting pregnancy school sex - 6306286336
By HystericalDame