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10 Times People Hilariously Failed At High Fives

You've gotta love the beautifully unplanned, tragic moment when two people's high fives don't connect. The ensuing, exchanged glances of shame, guilt, confusion, anger....but ultimately, life'll throw you the occasional misfired high five, it's all about how you swing at the next one. 

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Sometimes you need to have your faith in humanity rewarded a little bit, and who's going to do that, goddamn Barry White, Jr., a fifth-grade literacy teacher from Charlotte, NC. 

Yeah, his name is Barry White, Jr. Goddamn.

In an attempt to earn his students' trust and make them feel special, he has a different, customized goddamn handshake for every goddamn student, and goddamn, he's great. 

Apparently, he got the idea from goddamn LeBron James. Just awesome. Look at this goddamn gif: 

Fifth grade English teacher has a personalized handshake with every one of his students

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