High as a kite... In the air whatchu talking about Willis? Whether you're at great altitude, in body or mind, you'll find plenty of high reaching memes and puns to keep you busy up there in the clouds.

Funniest Vaping Memes for People Who Rip the Fattest Clouds

Sickest Vaping Memes for People Who Rip the Fattest Clouds

Represent the Vape Nation
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People share design flaws of the human body.

Stupid Design Screw-Ups of The Human Body

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cops stoned high Memes arrested Reddit weed Video police - 98570497

Cop Jokes Stoned Dude Would Be a Good Meme on Reddit, Guy Ends up on Reddit

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marijuana high food funny Video - 86628865

Dude Gets High Off Edibles and Reviews Chuck E. Cheese's Lunch Buffet

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Social Experiment marijuana high stoners smoking Video - 86195201

Stoners Hilariously Try and FAIL to Guess the Meaning of 4/20

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This is Your Face on Drugs

funny win image guy faceswaps with weed
Via pseudorandombehavior

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twitter stoned high failbook weed - 8798196224
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game FAIL high buzzfeed Video - 78682625

Playing Bop It For a High School, While High

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A Cautionary Tale

high doritos facebook parents - 8573349632
Created by thepoetsings
drugs high celeb Video - 75327233

After Endoscopy, Howie Mandel is Still Feeling the Anesthesia

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3/10 for the Decor

drugs review high win - 8575826176
Created by Anaesthesia

When The Munchies Have You Surrounded

When The Munchies Have You Surrounded
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Music drugs high old people Video - 74413313

Everyone Wants to See Someone's Grandparents Get High and Listen to Trap Music

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Ducks Love 4:20

Via Tuxedo_Umino_Kamen

Live Drugs To The Fullest

Via acidcow

Squad on Squad

Via yourmothersvagina
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