proverbs herpes - 4961281792
By Mary

The Cake Helps With the Sadness

congratulations, here's a cookie cake with your herpes
Via Bopduwop

This Is How You Get Herpes

wtf STD herpes funny dating - 8377895168
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Shame On You, Dude

wtf STD jerks herpes funny - 8365427456
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The Similiarities Are Outstanding

herpes - 4687808768
By ameanberg

Still Waiting

Funny facebook exchange about how time heals all wounds but not herpes
By manlymonkey

Breaking the News

relationships herpes STDs dating - 4738789376
By liamgeetar

It's About Time We Got an Explanation

herpes STDs funny - 4774376960
By Unknown

He DOES Get Around!

herpes STDs gonorrhea - 4792792832
By Unknown

An Unfortunate Last Name

baby names kanye west north west herpes kim kardashian - 7625244160
By vhjerpe

Superherpes: The Latest Threat to Society

herpes superheroes failbook - 7623285760
By ductapifier

Get Rid of It!

herpes STDs - 7546764544
By failbooker

I'll Take STDs for $400, Alex!

Jeopardy herpes funny - 4920295168
By EG3

They Were Gonorrheal Fast

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By Unknown

A Bunch of Reasons to Be Grateful

herpes pr0n - 4957772288
By Alex

Battle of Starbucks

Starbucks herpes - 7194985984
By rjr162
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