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Informative Twitter Thread Explains Psychology Of Emotional Permanence

AKA: Why people can feel like someone hates them if they don't get a text back right away. It's at least helpful in life to be able to put a name to a phenomenon most people have felt or witnessed. In this case it's the need for reassurance people can feel even when nothing wrong has actually really occurred. It's interesting, but also, take psychological insight from the internet with a grain of salt, because it's a big internet and everyone is different. For more psychological insight from th…
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Sergeant doesn't believe bug bite story, gets malicious compliance

Sergeant Doesn't Believe Military Doctor's Orders, Gets Proven Wrong

Oh cool, gross.
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An informative Tumblr post about the importance of serving customers exactly what they order.

Tumblr Thread On Importance Of Serving Customers What They Order

It can be life-threatening.
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person suffers iodine deficiency after only eating fancy salt

Foodie Only Eats Fancy Salt, Suffers Iodine Deficiency

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Twitter thread on what terminally ill children loved most in their lives.

Twitter Thread: Terminally Ill Children Describe Their Favorite Things In Life

And the rest is just details.
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Doctors describe the unexplainable health miracles that they witnessed | Nathaniel66 10h My uncle had cancer and he at end road. Family wanted take him home last christmas, doctor said there's no chance he will survive 30 miles trip took him anyway 18 years ago and he's perfectly fine. Doctor's don't know why, but cancer just reversed itself.

Unexplainable Health Miracles Doctors Witnessed

Our bodies are full of surprises.
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Mom kept son on strict diet by telling him he had allergies his whole life | Posted by u/TroubleInGluten 3 days ago AITA going no-contact with my parents after learning they had lied about my allergies all my life? Not hole Hey everyone am 19 years old and my parents are their 50s as long as can remember have been allergic several things: Dairy Wheat/Flour/Gluten Legumes

Son Discovers Mom Lied About Allergies to Keep Him on Strict Diet

There are probably better ways to stay healthy.
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Girl shares a Twitter thread about her wild allergic reaction to grass and wheat. | RhiRob99 @RhiRob99 1) an innocent photo taken show day 1 v day 3 sleeping tent piss wet through (good bants were not alarmed by this photo as all thought (even though have been friends with @caitlintyson112 many years she had developed 5 head said no more

Twitter Thread: Girl's Wild Allergic Reaction To Grass

Allergies are no joke.
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Positive psychologist explains brain and body's reaction to long term stress | Alexis Rockley @alexisrockley Let be clear thread Those "all over place" feelings been having? They are symptoms stress, NOT personal failures yours.

Twitter Thread: The Brain's Reaction To Long Term Stress

Spread that kindness in these strange times.
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Tumblr thread calls out bodybuilding culture | actor has joined debate about objectification TV and film, saying both genders are judged equally on looks Source G -critical-feminist My god love her | cruxofargon know people are gonna get salty af about this but by God she's RIGHT Brad Pitt did Fight Club, he cutting weight every single scene maintain his physique at 155 ever cut weight know horrible must have been. He did because they needed look Changing Tatum said his Magic Mike body doesn't

Tumblr Thread Says Movies Fuel Unrealistic Physical Standards

Everyone just embrace each other.
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Ryan Reynolds shares a video about social distancing | Ryan Reynolds @VancityReynolds Another important message from an important celebrity. Let’s spread the word not the virus. I happily nominate,  @stevenpage   @Sethrogen  and  @TerryR49776917  #PlankTheCurve #StayAtHomeSaveLives

Ryan Reynolds Shares Social Distancing Video, Nominates Seth Rogen

Spread the word and not the virus.
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Doctors share their best stories about people "asking for friends" when it was probably for them | Freyja_the_derpyderp 9h My father is doctor and he got call once middle night his call share doctors patient man asked do about bump on his "friends" arm he scratched and something came out. He mentioned leaking little oil now zit. He scratched pimple. Woke whole family up at 3 am because he had page my dad over zit.

Doctors' Best "Asking For A Friend" Stories

Those "friends" must feel so lucky.
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People share their upsides to being quarantined in AskReddit thread | cwtguy 5h No driving work gives two hours my life back with my son each day and saves few hundred bucks month gas.

People's Silver Linings To Being Quarantined

People are finding the bright side where they can.
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Limited food options plus your Coronavirus emotions equals your nickname | tweet by elan gale @theyearofelan quarantine nickname is feel right now last thing ate out cupboard can call angry chili mango"

Quarantine Moment: Limited Food Options Plus Coronavirus Emotions Equals Nickname

A fun game.
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People on Twitter are going in on Hawaiian Punch drink | tweet by happienatalie love twitter is randomly coming Hawaiian Punch. Isolation really got us thinking

Quarantine Moment: Twitter Goes In On Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch is getting lit up.
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People on Twitter bond over how badly they want haircuts | the simpsons pointing at each other Christopher Maciuba @ChristopMaciuba Replying pattymo First day out quarantine SPRN

Quarantine Moment: People Vent About Wanting Haircuts

We're all going to come out of this with some different looks.
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