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'They thought I was useless [but] within a week, they were frantically trying to get me to help them': Overworked employee quits his job after being disregarded for months; company scrambles, then retaliates with a baseless lawsuit

Unrequited love is the second-most devastating feeling in human existence. The absolute worst feeling in a person's life is unrequited hard work. Diligent employees with a strong work ethic often get the short end of the stick in their workplace, with countless late nights and at-home data analysis going unnoticed. In this case, OP had picked up the slack in his job, working extra hours and assuming tasks that would help fatten his bosses wallets, but that grind ultimately took a toll...
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'He's lucky I didn't quit on the spot': Hardworking employee gets a second job to make ends meet; get chastised by his first boss when he's no longer available 24/7

Bosses don't always appreciate the hard work we do. In this case, one employee was painfully reminded of that truth after they got burned by the strict scheduling. As one of the unlucky part-time employees, OP was doomed to be scheduled for only 10 hours per week at the gas station. Originally, that seemed fine because they were also going to school, but as the money dwindled and the bills piled up, OP had no choice but to seek out more hours.
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'iT's OuR mOnEy': Hardworking daughter gets her college fund robbed after graduation when her parents surprise her with a baby brother and revoke half of her college savings

Wrestling student debt after you graduate college is a lot like taking on a polar bear in a 1v1, mano-a-mano fist fight. The odds are certainly against you and even if you manage to beat the bear, you'll likely freeze out in the cold arctic tundra afterwards. You may have hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans that you owe the Feds, but at least you took home a piece of paper that says that you know how to shotgun a beer before writing a 10 page research paper on gender studies.
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‘Your Job Is Just a Hobby’ Rude Wife Tells Husband to Quit the Job He Loves So She Can Spend Even Less Time With Her Daughter

‘Your Job Is Just a Hobby’: Wife Tells Husband to Quit Job So That She Can Spend Even Less Time With Her Daughter

He is the primary caretaker of their daughter, and she spends less than two hours a day with her child…
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Funny and relatable memes about working blue collar jobs

Funniest Blue Collar Memes From This Week That Are So Spot-On Only Real Blue Collar Workers Can See the OSHA Violations (September 28, 2022)

I bet you're laughing at these without even wearing your PPE...
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Solid Blue Collar Memes From This Week That Are So Funny They’re Probably Violating Some OSHA Regulation (Sept. 20, 2022)

DON'T violate OSHA; DO laugh to these memes.
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Solid 40 Blue Collar Memes That Are So Funny They're Probably Violating Some OSHA Regulation

40 Solid Blue Collar Memes That Are So Funny They’re Probably Violating Some OSHA Regulation

What OSHA doesn't know can't hurt them! Unless someone from OSHA is reading this, then that was a joke...
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