Screaming Karen Threatens Handicap Man Trying to Park in Official Spot, Viral TikTok Shows Cops Shutting Her Down

Screaming Karen Threatens Handicap Man Trying to Park in Official Spot, Viral TikTok Shows Cops Shutting Her Down

The cops that SHE called had her walking away in defeat after she refused to let this handicap man with an official placard park in his spot because, “he doesn’t look handicapped."
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Guy illegal parks in handicap space, gets blocked in and misses a job interview | Posted by nunya__bidness idiot and handicapped parking spot attending school (adult education career training) one my classmates Bob had an artificial leg. Other than walking with limp and not being able stand long periods wouldn't really notice.

Guy Teaches A Lesson To Handicap Spot Hog

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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tenant won't give up parking space for handicapped woman | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/itsmyparkingspot 17 hours ago 26 4 33 87 AITA refusing give my parking spot disabled woman live an apartment building comes with 1 spot parking garage. My spot is one closest elevator. 2 weeks ago apartment manager came talk and asked if would be willing give up my spot since disabled woman moving said sure would be happy switch spaces. He said misunderstood he asking give up space garage entirely

Tenant Refuses to Give Up Parking Spot for Disabled Lady

That's an awkward one.
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Multiple drivers park illegally in handicapped spots, so a parking lot Grinch saves the day | r/pettyrevenge u/maniacallygrinning 188d Join 1 disabled parking Grinch! Hi, y'all. this years ago, at Christmas time at Target had JUST given birth my daughter and ran store get diapers (and moment peace parked BF Egypt, walked past zillion cars, and saw woman slowly driving past all full disabled spots. She is almost tears, so walk up and ask if she is ok. She explodes tears saying she is wheelchair

Drivers Park Illegally In Handicap Spots, Parking Lot Grinch Saves The Day

Happy Holidays, indeed.
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The Perfect Revenge For Someone Who Parked In A Handicapped Spot

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funny design fails

21 Filthy and Moronic Design Failures to Make You Feel Good at Your Job

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handicapped american ninja warrior TV obstacle course Video win - 80768769

Former WWE Wrestler with One Leg Tackles the American Ninja Warrior Course Like a BAMF

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ADA Compliance FAILs

handicapped Professional At Work stairs - 5444799488
By MaryLyon83

For Those With a Disability and a LOT of Gumption

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cars handicapped justice Video g rated win - 57513985

Instant Justice: This Guy Gets What's Coming When He Abuses Handicapped Parking

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Game Over FAIL

handicapped stuck basketball Hall of Fame best of week - 6816051712
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WIN!: Are You Sure? WIN

clever disability handicapped parking sign warning - 6520363008
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Having Fun?

graffiti hacked irl handicapped sexy times - 6459369472
By Unknown

License Plate WIN

disabled handicapped license plate pun - 6441523456
By Unknown

Helpful Sign FAIL

handicapped sign stairs - 6215729920
By AWKupyInternet

Metaphorical Phrase FAIL

handicapped irony signs whoops - 6018937600
By Sam
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