Vegan coworker asks burger-eating coworker to eat outside

Vegan Employee Suggests Coworker Eat Burger Outside

What does compromise mean, really?
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Kid orders nothing and pays money for it | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by Brosdie Nothing Burger oc s This is my favourite story tell about my job year and half working at my local McDonald's. Compliant, yes. Malicious judgement.

Fast Food Employee Gives Pranking Teen Exactly What He Ordered

He played himself.
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drive-thru stories

20 of the Strangest Things Drive-Thru Employees Have Heard over the Mic

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Our Standards of Beauty Are Totally Screwy

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Hopefully This is the Line for Lunch

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By Klijn

Nice Buns!

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By Unknown

I Can Has Cheezburger?

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Monday Thru Friday: Bun Bandit? No, That's Dumb...

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Here at Burger King, We Take Our Flame-Broiled Whoppers Very Seriously

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By Unknown

Engrish Funny: They Have Some Funny Ideas About Transubstantiation in Other Countries

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Probably Bad News: Tornado Damage FAIL

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