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Husband Lies About Dark Origins Of Jack Frost, Wife Repeats Lie For 15 Years

It's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Santa Clause himself is known to have been the star of some freaky German fairy tails featuring pickled children and sacks of heads. So to think that the character “Jack Frost” is actually a nose-eating serial killer is sort of in line with the origins of the holiday season anyway. Throw in the fact that there are at least two Jack Frost themed horror movies starring a killer snow man, and you've got a recipe for a dark tale of almost reasonable…
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Mistaken people who took satirical joke news seriously | tweet by TheOnion Biologists Still No Closer Discovering Birds Have Sex If thats true just shows even though folks think are real advanced and good with computers nature still will always be more complicated and not then our technolgy

Sadly Mistaken People Who Didn't Understand Satire

It's funny, but also kinda really sad.
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people fail to recognize satire

25 Laughably Dumb Times People Thought Satire Was Real

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people who couldn't tell the onion was satire

10 Simpletons Who Believed the Onion Will Make You Want to Stay in Bed Until They Die

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Gullible idiots that'll kill your faith in humanity because they are so ignorant.

10 Outrageously Gullible Morons That Are So Clueless It's Almost Sad

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17 Unbelievably Stupid Things That Oblivious People Believed For Shamefully Long Amounts of Time

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Gullible People Believing The Onion is Real Makes for Perfect Internet

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I Guess It Actually Worked

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That Finally Explains Why Dave Coulier is in All my Dreams!

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The Lombardi Trophy of Broken Dreams

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Try It Again More Slowly

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If You Rearrange the Letters in "Gullible," It Spells "Giraffe"

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Socks to be You

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The Onion Claims Another Victim

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Autocowrecks: Poor Reception Problems

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