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Tumblr Thread: Security Guard Hilariously Explains Why Heist Movies Don't Make Sense

It's impossible to plan around tactless incompetence.
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Security guard gets revenge on company that wrongfully terminated them | r/ProRevenge Posted by u/Cummins_Lovers 1 day ago My boss tried kill So worked security company. Not hard job, super easy, state minimum wage 11.59 per hour working 10 hours night 8 pm 6 am driving mobile patrol security car. Like said probably easiest job could possibly have. Well, after couple months normal schedule

Overworked Security Guard Gets The Last Laugh

Sometimes things work out.
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Funny Guy Makes Royal Guard Laugh At Buckingham Palace

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Moronic Security Guard Calls Cops on Sheriff's Deputy Because He Has a Gun

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Quick - Steal Her Gun

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I Like How It's In Quotation Marks

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Thoroughness That Only TSA Can Provide

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