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Collection of tweets about things that happen to you when you grow up and get older.

21 Tweets About Getting Old That'll Make You Feel Old As Dirt Itself

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People share how they act like adults in the real world on Twitter and it's hilariously accurate.

17 People Share "How to Adult" In 5 Words

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People share stories of the cringiest things they did as kids.

Top 10 Cringiest Things People Did As Kids

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Growing Up Just Sucks

Funny shocking picture of a broken child's swing set, with a non-child person lying on the ground in shock, might be staged after the fact.
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So Suck it Up

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Too True, Too True...

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Your Loss

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15 Years Later

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We Ask That You Please Turn in Your Permission Slips, Before Embarking Upon the Feels Trip

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This is What Being Thankful For Your Dad Sounds Like on a Daily Basis

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This is What Being Thankful For Your Mother Sounds Like on a Daily Basis

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Just Say No

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The Struggle Is Real When You're Growing Up With Glasses

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The Key To How Miley Cyrus Grew Up

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It's Good to Have Goals

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The Best Part of Growing Up

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