grocery store

So what if there's a fire? Ring up my groceries!

Cranky Old Male Karen Refuses to Leave Grocery Store When There's a Fire

You know it's time to quit when there's a fire in the grocery store and you're made to stay because a cranky Karen needs their chicken stock!
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An awful nepotism manager ends up getting outed for never actually working his shifts | r/ProRevenge Join u/sunnykl Bad Grocery Place written before about good grocery store where worked high school had couple bad customers and lot senile seniors, but well run with great manager one worked at one summer college Bad Place 1994 chain grocery store with truly awful manager who straight out business school. He also regional office director's son, so he teflon. Anything went wrong got pinned on

Awful Manager Gets Outed For Never Actually Working

Played that manager like a fiddle, indeed.
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woman asking reddit if she's in the wrong for reporting a person who called her a cheater

Woman Asks If She's A Jerk For Reporting Worker For "Ratting Her Out" To Her Husband

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revenge of homophobic boss

Guy Flashmobs Homophobic Boss With Battalion of Gay Friends

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marriage clever funny grocery store - 3141125

Clever Wife Leaves Husband Grocery List with NSFW Twist

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new york Cats grocery store - 878085

Bodega Cats Are Not so Secretly the Best Thing About New York

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FAIL drunk Video grocery store - 80352001

Grocery Shopping is Hard When You're Drunk and You're the Guy Picking a Fight in the Mirror

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Then the Grocery Store Just Becomes Depressing

marriage texting tweet dating grocery store - 8749933568
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Being an Adult Means You Can Buy a Big Ol' Sweet Potato Just Because It Looks Like a Dong

funny fail image woman buys sweet potato that looks like a penis to sell it for charity
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wtf parody food grocery store - 77132801

It's Not That Weird That a Grocery Chain Made a Boyz II Men Style Commercial About Tomatoes, Right?

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Those Aren't Seeds, They're Potential Watermelons

sticker FAIL food fruit grocery store - 8526290432
Created by TheTorontoKid
grocery store dad store pretend - 74005249

Playing Pretend Just Got Real

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In Line Dating

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If Only All Grocery Stores Did This

Via The_Noodle_Incident
FAIL shopping vine faceplant grocery store - 73439233

In The Produce Section Faceplants Are Always Ripe

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Don't Upset a Woman Packing a VCR

woman hits store manager with vcr
Via Channel 3000
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